Every time that I am prepared to write about one topic something happens in my life that inspires me to write about another. But hey I guess that is what I promised to give you from the start of this blog…the real deal about situations happening in my life. No sugar added, just the straight up truth!

How many times are we asked “How are you doing?” in a day? Or how many times do we ask the same question to others. Now how often do we really tell the truth or do we just give the standard response “I’m fine, how are you?”. Okay so I’m guilty of the later. It just seems like the easiest response to give. One because you may not want to go into details about what’s really going on in your life at the moment or two you just want to be polite, respond and move on. Its seemingly easier to put on your “game face” and give that quick response and move on.

Game FaceI often wonder what would happen if we begin giving an honest response to the question. Start telling people how we are really doing instead of hiding behind a smile that is hard to maintain at the moment. What are you masking behind that game face, what is on your heart that you desire to share with someone but just can’t seem to get the thoughts to form into words and come out of your mouth. I also wonder if we are trying to maintain the appearance of strength. Like will we show a sign of weakness if we break down in the moment and share how we REALLY feel?

Maybe its just me. There are moments when I may be dealing with something and instead of opening up, choose to give that standard response and move on. Sometimes I feel like its just better that I deal with things on my own to not burden someone else with my issues. Should this be the case? Not at all. Its okay to have a weak moment and allow someone else to impart into your life.  I encourage you (and myself) to relax that game face and give a true response to the question “How are you”. (But don’t go telling everyone your business, be wise in who you share your intimate thoughts and feelings with. Another post for another day.) You just never know who the Lord may send your way that day to deliver that special message or word that you need to get through your circumstance.

Peace & Blessings

sig KT