First of all let me send my personal apologies for not posting last Friday, but as many of you may have noticed it was MY BIRTHDAY lol. And I simply decided to just take the day off and not do anything that required work.

Now let me say- HAPPY FRIDAY chicas! Hope this week has been good to you and I hope this month of December has been treating you all well!

I wanted to just take a brief moment to talk about what this time of the year means. Every year I have these bright ideas on how I want to celebrate the Christmas season (darn that Pinterest!). I start planning things out and getting everything all organized and prepared only to fall short of my own expectations. See in my eyes, the world pressures us to decorate and to shop! It’s as if that’s all Christmas is about – decking the halls and buying gifts. Yes, those things are a part of the holiday season but it’s NOT ALL that it’s about.

With this commercialized season, we tend to not always see the CHRIST in CHRISTmas. But we, the believers must not forget the One, the I AM that was sent to save us. We remember Him, we celebrate Him, for without Him there would be no Christmas.

presentSo this year I want to be “the present.” Yes, I’m the present this year – present with my family and most importantly present with God. What better gift than to be present with my family making memories and loving on one another and being in the presence of God, giving Him all the glory and all the praise.

Ladies, please don’t get caught up in the “hustle” of Christmas and remember Who Is the reason for the season. Don’t allow society to blind you and rob you of this opportunity to give God glory for what He’s done, and to celebrate Jesus. To teach your children and family what it means to celebrate CHRISTmas and create ever lasting memories.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week!

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