So today I was listening to my Beyonce Pandora station (Judgement Free Zone!) and one of my favorite Fantasia songs came on… Lose to Win!! Ya’ll I was so hype you would have thought I was on stage with her performing it. I tried to contain myself since I was in the office, but nonetheless had my own little concert at my desk. While listening to the song I was inspired to write about a past relationship that I have mentioned in a few prior posts and then flip it to talk about my husband. I may still write that post one day, but not today (lol). Instead after coming out of a GREAT meeting with the owner of my company, I was lead to write about something else…


Earlier this week my family experienced yet another unexpected loss. I will not go into details right now, as I’m not ready to open up about it. After this happened I tried to remain positive and move forward, but the memory kept coming back to mind. As the week progressed I pushed it further back in my mind and focused on other things…family, ministry and work.

As you all know I started a new job a few months ago and just recently had my 90 day review with my direct supervisor. It was a great meeting and from that I scheduled a follow up with the owner of the company to get her feedback as well. Well guys from that meeting I was informed that I would receive a raise (about a 9% increase, not bragging just telling of the Lord’s goodness) and would be granted the opportunity to take lead role on another client!!! I wanted to stand up in her office and cut a step right there!!! Everything that I ever wanted in the 11 years I worked at my previous job, is starting to come into fruition on the current job just a little after 3 months!! Man God is CRAZY FAITHFUL and I am just so overjoyed that I remained faithful to Him even when circumstances could have lead me the other way. My week started out pretty rough and is now ending on a high note. He took one thing away from me, but blessed me with something else that I had once believed would never come to pass.

Today I want to leave you with a little encouragement. if you have experienced a recent loss (or just a loss in general) don’t lose hope. There was a reason that the Lord took it away from you. It may have caused you harm at the moment as you truly desired it and in His timing, if it be His will, He will make it available unto you. And even if He doesn’t just know that He has something much better in store for you. I’m a living testimony! I suffered many disappointments and failures at my previous job and at one point was started to think that was the best I could do. I couldn’t have been more wrong!! When God opened a door, He opened a door!!! If He did it for me, TRUST me He will do it for you too!!

Keep the faith sis! And as my girl Fantasia says in her song “sometimes you have to lose to win again…”

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT

(For your viewing pleasure 🙂 )

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