I peer through my lashes as they slowly peel apart, evidence of “Mr. Sandman” on my eyes, I tried so hard to stay awake. With such anticipation I sit up in bed and snatch my pillow up in the air and look with such excitement…….she came!!!!!!! she came!!!!! the Tooth Fairy that is.

Don’t you remember as a child looking forward to loosing a tooth just to see the Tooth Fairy or what she may bring? Well currently at my home, my oldest has finally started this milestone. The first tooth came out during summer camp and I missed it, but the Tooth Fairy left behind Barbie’s little sister with a dollar in the box, courtesy of mommy. The second tooth got pulled by daddy, thank God, that tooth for some reason didn’t get bumped by her permanent tooth, so the permanent tooth started coming in, and it was waaaayyyy behind the baby tooth (I cringe at the thought of braces down the line). For that one being pulled out, she got $5. Somehow I totally missed this third tooth even being loose. We are sitting at the table eating pizza and wings and my girl is going in on the chicken when she backs up from the table with this shocked looked on her face and opens here mouth. Its full of blood and barbecue sauce (yuck!!! I know) with the wing still in hand she shouts “My tooth came out!!!!!”. We are all excited for her and even FaceTimed the grandparents. She put her tooth in a Ziploc bag and off to sleep she went. The next morning, I rolled out of bed after fighting for space with my two and proceeded to make breakfast and my baby girl comes in the kitchen with such a sad face. She says ” the Tooth Fairy didn’t come” I gasp and immediately internally kicking myself, how the heck could I forget. I quickly say “oh its because it’s snowing, she couldn’t get here and back before the storm came” she had a look on her face that let me know she didn’t quit by my story. So I added a little more to it, “plus your brother was up all night so she couldn’t come.” Yes! she bought it and walked away, man did I feel bad, but I honestly, completely forgot. A few hours later daddy comes in and immediately she tells him about how the Tooth Fairy didn’t come. He desperately asks her, “well where did you sleep last night?” she says “In mommy’s bed” mind you, I didn’t have a chance to catch him up to speed yet. So he follows that with a go check in your bed. He walks with her and “pulls” out a dollar from under her pillow. Of course she’s excited but now also puzzled considering what I already told her and the fact that she now has a dollar, yet her tooth is in her hand. I think we got away with it this time, but I’m thinking it won’t be long. Anyone else ever forget the Tooth Fairy?


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