This past weekend was absolutely WONDERFUL!! It was just what the doctor ordered and then some! My hubby surprised me with a much needed spa experience for just me and him; that’s right ladies a couples massage!!!


Now I’ve had a massage before, but this experience was much different. Well for (1) it was with my love and (2) it was actually at a spa. Previously I’ve had one done at a massage therapist’s office but never at a spa! I’m talking robes, special slippers, relaxing music, fountains and chocolate fondue! We were both super excited to spend intimate time with one another because honestly we’ve failed recently in the dating category. It’s SO easy to get tied up in the duties of life and forget to take time out for just each other. No mommy, no daddy, just husband and wife! Can I go back now? Lol

During my hot stone massage (I highly recommend you get one if you’ve never had one!), I was SUPER relaxed almost to the point of falling asleep, but I fought those droopy eyes and took the time to reflect and pray. In that moment I was so happy and so in love and thanked the Lord for sending this guy my way. Not only did I show gratitude for my own relationship, but I also spent time praying for my sisters and family members that (1) they would be blessed to be found by their mate or (2) that their relationship would be strengthened or (3) that broken hearts would be mended and that they too could experience this thing called love. God did not create man to be alone and I am just crazy enough to believe that these desires will be met by God in His timing.

So today in closing, I want to leave you with this bit of encouragement. While going through life and when you have those moments of gratitude for the blessings in your personal life, don’t keep them all to yourself. Pray for that sister who may not have the same in that (1) she will find peace in her current situation (2) be patient enough to wait on the Lord and (3) that the desires of her heart will be granted if within the Lord’s will. Paying it forward doesn’t always have to involve monetary gifts; the spiritual seeds sown and invested in someone’s life will render so much more.

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT