Go best friend! That’s my best friend! LOL if you have ever looked at those videos on YouTube they are quite hilarious (in my opinion)! And while on the subject, let me tell you about the FRIENDS God has given me. The more I seek after God and grow closer to Him the more He blesses me with FRIENDS. Not those sometime-y chicks or only here for special occasions types; I’m speaking of Good Godly FRIENDS! The ones that will stand up in courage beside me. That’ll call me out and confront my sin. The ones that’ll hold me up when I’m broken down. The ones that’ll pray for me without my asking, that’ll talk to God on my behave. That intercede for me when I just can’t go to God on my own. Do you have these types of friends? I thank God for these FRIENDS. And although I may not always express my appreciation in the manner I deem necessary, I’m truly grateful for each and every one of them. I love my “friendship” support system. It has groomed me into a better Christian and friend to others. These FRIENDS push me when I’ve given up hope, teach me what the Word says about my situations, they live out life and share their personal testimonies with me as encouragement. With these FRIENDS, I’m in a judgement free zone – they know I have flaws and are willing to help me with them. God gave me FRIENDS who are different because that’s the way He knew I would I grow. So to all my FRIENDS, I love you more than words could express, I cherish our special bonds and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us all!

Thank you for being a FRIEND!

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