Happy International Women’s Day Ladies! This week I’m going to keep it short and sweet. Rather recently I have been hearing in different situations a general concept where one’s VALUE is questioned. According to Webster’s dictionary, worth is defined as “good and deserving respect, praise, attention, having enough good qualities to be considered important, useful”. I think its safe to say we all have heard “Worth” by Anthony Brown and group therAPy, this song speaks specifically of who truly believes you’re worthy. This song ministers to me personally because I think of the times when I question myself as a mother and I’m reminded that God blessed me with these two children and chose ME to be their mother, one of the biggest roles that will ever be played in their life. The few occasions at work where my best just doesn’t seem to measure up to the standards of some (unappreciative, impatient families), or that individual(s) that we all have faced sometime or another in life that bold face told us we were worthless of their actions told it. The song brings back the memory of how God (Our Father) declared that we were (are) Worthy. Worthy of loving, worthy of forgiving, worthy of staying, that choosing to fight for us was a no-brainer…simply because we are more than worthy. Ladies, never ever look to others to gage your worth, but to the Lord. How encouraging, motivating and comforting to know He chose you; God chose you and because of that, you are more than….you fill in the blank! So my beautiful ladies, just a reminder from this Girlfriend to you, you’re more than Worthy and for anyone that says differently…… in the words of Priscilla Shirer, “Tell them who your Daddy is”



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