So let’s play alil catch up – life for me has been moving in full force. I’m currently 21 weeks with a little girl (FINALLY), starting a new position in a week, and have 2 boys that are graduating! Woo, talk about busy. We have one graduating preschool the end of this month and another graduating from 5th grade next month. Time is truly flying by and I’m struggling to capture and celebrate every moment. Have you ever just felt too busy? By the time I hit my sheets I’m completely knocked out. How do you ladies handle those busy moments of life? Do you schedule personal time for everyone individually? Do you have a family day that’s spent acknowledging everyone? Or do you find yourself saying wow, you’re graduating tomorrow what do you want to do to celebrate? (this is me at times-Mrs. LastMinute) You know, as a wife and mother, I truly have all the best intentions but the reality of my actions don’t always match up. A part of my daily prayers include asking God to show my family how much I love them in spite some of my actions.

intentionsSo to all the mothers (all that play a motherly role) I would like to say cheers to you! For your sacrifice, time, love, and support – don’t ever give up on yourself, keep pushing to do what you have to for your family. Continue to have all the best intentions and do your best in making them happen!

side note: So after posting this, I get an email entitled: For the Mom Who Doesn’t Feel Good Enough from the Jennie Allen blog and it’s indeed right on time and just for me – I hope it encourages you too!

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