Flag on the play….whistle blows….30 second time out. That’s normally what happens in a basketball game when the players need a minute to regroup or get directions on the next play from their coach. I hope I got that right, if not I hope you get the point! I’m such a girl! HA!

Anyway back to my story…the way my life is currently set up I’m always doing something, thinking about what needs to be done or at the last minute remember something that I forgot to do. Sometimes it can feel like life is so mundane and so repetitive…work, home, church, grocery store…repeat…day in and day out. To be honest sometimes it gets boring doing the same thing over and over and over again. I needed a break, I wanted to do something fun where I could just relax, laugh and be KT. I didn’t want to think about my long to do list, I just wanted to be me without a care in the world. So it was time to throw a “flag on the play” and take a much needed time out!


1st 30 second time out…The Bimbe Festival. My sister suggested that we go because it was 1 a free event, 2 one of our favorite groups 112 was going to be there, and 3 one of our friends could get us back stage to meet them! Okay so of course at first I was all for it. I deserved this break, okay cool let’s go. Oh no the threat of rain, second thought I’ll sit this one out. I have laundry to do LOL! (true story lol) Although I was saying that out of my mouth, in my mind I was praying the Lord would hold the rain so I could enjoy some much needed girl time with my sister! And guess what He did just that! Not only did he hold it off until the last 30 minutes of the festival, but upon our departure there was the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen!! (God’s Promise) It made the day all the more worth it! I hadn’t had that much fun in a VERY long time! I laughed, danced and felt like Katesha again. It was just what The Doctor ordered! Bimbe

2nd 30 second time out…Date Night with Hubby. Okay so I had some girl time, now its time for some one on one fun with my main squeeze! Its crazy to me how my hubby and I are so in sync! I was thinking that we needed some alone time and before I could suggest it he called me and said “Hey let’s hang out on Saturday”. All I could do was smile, I love that dude so much! We did something we use to enjoy doing when we were still courting…putt putt golf! And you know your girl won right!!! HA! It was good to laugh, joke and enjoy each other (with a little PDA) without any interruptions. I was (well we both were) of how important it is to take those breaks from family business and nurture our marriage.Golf

Last time out (this game)…Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance. Now you know I had to include a time out with my Sweet Pea! She has watched Elmo and friends since she was a baby and every time they come to town we miss them! Not this time! This past weekend we went to see them and we had a blast! We had GREAT seats, club level leather seats included. I didn’t know that was the section I had selected, I just chose that level because of the price and because it was centrally located in relation to the stage. Those seats couldn’t have been any more perfect! We were the only people in the section, there was plenty of space, and therefore no interruptions. Hubby, Sweet Pea and I had the best time ever!!! And again I have to thank my Daddy for making sure we had that experience. I don’t count it as a coincidence we were in those seats ya’ll, He did that!!!Sesame Street

So why am I sharing all of this with you today? I want to encourage you to take a time out girlfriend! You deserve a break every now and then. Step away for your responsibilities for a second (not too long though lol). Go out have some fun, let your hair down, breath a little, laugh, dance, laugh some more! There is so much to enjoy in life, we just have to make that extra effort to do it!

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT

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