Traveling with kids is a hassle but to me traveling without them is even worse! In my opinion at least. A few weeks ago I had to travel with my job to Texas and was gone for pretty much the entire week. Preparing and packing was somewhat stressful. I had to make sure Sweet Pea had everything she needed for summer camp; washed, ironed and laid out all of her outfits for the week; had to make sure she had lunch to pack for the week; had to make sure Hubby was straight; wrote out the meal plan for the week; oh and had to pack and make sure I was prepared mentally for my crazy work schedule. While part of me was excited to go to the resort (it was gorgeous by the way LOL) another part of me was somewhat sad to leave Sweet Pea behind, oh and my hubby too of course LOL!! This was my first time going on an extended trip where she was knowledgeable that mommy was going away for a few days without her and she didn’t let me off easy! She’s going through a phase where she is learning to truly express her emotions. We go from “Mommy I feel sad” to “Mommy I’m angry” ending with a “Mommy I’m excited” all in one sentence LOL!! Gotta love 4 year olds right!

So back to the trip, the days leading up to my departure I made sure to explain to Sweet Pea that Mommy had to get on a big airplane and go on a trip for a few days. Of course her first question was “Am I going too” *insert sad face* *deep sigh* “Not this time Sweet Pea, but Mommy will be back before you know it.” Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this was SO hard! Isn’t it crazy how we as mothers always say that we need a break but when we get one start feeling bad or miss them immediately? Not you, okay maybe its just me! lol Fast forward to the morning that I left. Immediately when I walked in the room to tell her see you later, she looked at me with those big puppy dog eyes and said with the saddest little voice “Bye mommy” Man it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard for me not to burst into tears! I am so emotional ya’ll lol. Nana sensed the emotions between me and Sweet Pea so she quickly intervened and told Sweet Pea to tell me to have a great trip and I quickly turned around to leave. Someone please tell me that this gets better as they get older!!!

Once I arrived in Texas and throughout a very crazy and hectic work week there, I made sure to steal away if only for 5 minutes to hear my baby girl’s voice over the phone. It felt SO good to hear her “Heyyyyyy Mommy” on the other end of the line. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and our reunion was even the more special. I tried to throw hints at my hubby that he and Sweet Pea should park and wait for me at baggage claim. I like to imagine my life to be like the movies sometimes. You know seeing someone come up the escalator, hearing a big exciting scream, the two run towards each other and embrace type of reunion. But it didn’t quite pan out that way lol However when I saw the car pulling up to the curb, saw hubby’s big smile and Sweet Pea’s little head in the backseat, my heart skipped a beat. I think hubby barely put the car in park before jumping out, followed by Sweet Pea unbuckling her seat belt and leaping from that car seat. That was one of the BEST hugs I’ve ever received from her! (Okay I’m about to cry sitting here thinking about HA!) She wrapped those little arms around my neck, squeezed real tight and at that moment everything felt right with the world.


Becoming a mother was one of the greatest gifts the Lord could have ever blessed me with. And I try to make sure I do not take it for granted and instead cherish every moment good and bad. While I hated to have to leave my baby girl here for that long, the distance and separation just made me appreciate my gift even the more. Maybe so much that I might just be ready for another little gift…. 😉

Peace & Blessings,

 sig KT

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