We are 32 days away from a new year..a fresh start. Looking back over 2016 there were so many plans that we had for the year. We were pumped up and confident that we would accomplish every single goal on our vision board. This was going to be “our year”. But did it happen? Have you taken the time to re-evaluate your goals and plans for 2016 to see how many you actually achieved?

road-908176_192032 more days…

I have taken the time to look back and I am not pleased by what I see. Sure I’ve hit a few goals, gotten closer to achieving some, and then there are those that I have not touched at all. I’ve started and stopped this weight loss journey I don’t know how many times(currently on a hiatus), said that I was going to read more only to add more books to the untouched stack, declared that I would spend less and save more, only to blown my allowance on Target clearance time and time again. I have set my alarm to get up an hour earlier to spend some much-needed quiet time with my Father, only to hit he snooze button more times than I should. These are a just a few from my “short list” but trust me I could go on and on.

Again, we have 32 more days…

If you didn’t quite reach the mark, as I have not, we still have time. There is no need to wallow in the shoulda, coulda, woulda, now is the time for action. Once you have looked over your list, write a new one that outlines how you will achieve or get closer to achieving those untouched goals before the clock strikes 12 on January 1st. It’s so easy to develop the “forget it” attitude and declare that you will start fresh in the new year. Why not start now? It has been proven that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit. Guess what? We have 32 so there is no reason why we can’t get a jump-start to finishing this year strong!

Take it one step at a time. Set achievable smaller goals that will lead you to successfully obtain the larger ones. Lord knows I am dreading the thought of starting this weight loss journey again, but I’m determined to do it! Instead of trying to do it all at once, working out and diet, I’m going to work on my eating habits for the next 32 days. That way when I return to boot camp in January, I will have (hopefully, just being real lol) already crossed this “small goal” off my list and am able to tackle the next and eventually see the fruits of my labor!

This is one example of how I plan to get started, what’s yours? We have 32 more days to finish strong.

So now finish this, so that your eagerness in desiring it may be equaled by your completion of it, according to your ability.
~2 Corinthians 8:11 AMP

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT