Today was a cold, rainy day here in NC. Days like this tend to be viewed as depressing, doom and gloom if you will. The perfect weather for staying in the bed, focusing on all things “sad” or reflecting on what is currently not going the way we think. Why is that? Why do we allow our mood to alter due to the weather? That’s another topic for another day. Anyway back to my thoughts for today. Typically on days like today, my Sweet Pea loves to jump in the puddles. It could be raining cats and dogs, while I’m trying to seek shelter to protect our hair, she prefers to take an extra second to simply enjoy the rain. She finds joy in what she’s focused on, her current situation (the puddle), regardless of what’s going on around her. Stick with me, I’m going somewhere with this.

Today I want to take a moment to encourage my single sisters. I was talking to one of the girlfriends the other day about the dating scene. I’ve been out of the game for almost 8 years now, but would like to think I am still able to give pointers here or there to someone still in their season of singleness. As we all know, we are officially in the midst of engagement season. As we get closer to Christmas, the engagement announcements will begin to pop up left and right. For someone who desires to post their own, however it’s not in physical sight right now, this could be slightly discouraging. While you may be happy for your newly engaged sister, deep down you are wishing it were you. While there is nothing wrong with that, if you wallow in it for too long it could make matters worse for you. How do I know? Because I’ve been there…

I’ve never told Girlfriend Tamara this, but when she and her husband got engaged I felt some type of way about it. I remember sitting in the restaurant on a cold and rainy night, at the table clapping and cheering with everyone else, yet screaming on the inside. You see, hubby and I met and started dating before she and her husband and in that moment I was angry because that was supposed to me. In that season of life I wanted SO badly to become a wife. That was ALL I was focused on. I would ask hubby constantly when he was going to propose to me instead of being patient and enjoying our courtship. I should have left it alone and put all of that energy in celebrating with my sister because it was her moment, not mine. Now don’t get me wrong I was (and still am) extremely happy for her. At the time I was being extremely selfish, self-centered and childish. I wanted a ring and was blinded by the bling. I could have saved myself from a lot of sleepless nights if I would have taken my eyes and thoughts off what I desired and put them back on what mattered, the Lord. I think I was somewhat angry with Him as well. But how many of us know regardless of the tantrum we throw, He was and is the One that holds the timeline of our lives. If I would have gotten engaged in the wrong season, I may not have made it to where I am now.

woman-1030944_1920What am I saying today? All of my single sisters be encouraged in your season of singleness. It’s natural to have a desire to be married, it’s a part of why you were created and a part of the purpose that is yet to be revealed in you. Just do not allow it to consume you like it did me. I missed out on so many opportunities because I was so focused on the next season instead of enjoying the current one. This season may seem doom and gloom at times, and you may have some days where you would just rather stay in bed wallowing in your sorrow, I get it. But just like my Sweet Pea you have to find a “puddle” and enjoy the moment. If you have gotten off track, put your focus and trust back in the Master knowing that all things will work for your good despite how you feel. Push past your emotions and feelings and instead rejoice in this moment today. Take this time to embrace and appreciate your season of singleness, enjoy life to the fullest, and instead of waiting on it to change, simply learn to dance in the rain…

that He will give the rain for your land in its season, the early [fall] rain and the late [spring] rain, so that you may gather in your grain and your new wine and your [olive] oil. ~ Deuteronomy 11:14 AMP

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT