KateshaThat sums it all up in a nutshell. Finally a forum where I can share my life experiences, my struggles, my ups, my downs, my accomplishments, my fears, my goals, my aspirations…

So you are probably wondering, who is this chick? I am Katesha, one of the 4 “Girlfriends” that you will have the opportunity to meet, greet and get to know on this blog. I am first and foremost a Bible-believing, woman of God and follower of Jesus the Christ. I am a wife, to my best friend and love of my life who you will hear me refer to as “Mr. Wonderful”. I am a mother of 3, 2 by marriage and 1 by birth. Hobbies…who has time for those? LOL! Honestly I don’t really have anything that I absolutely love to do outside of spending time with those that I love. I am a Director of Operations by trade; however my desire is to fulfill and live out my God-given purpose and assignment. What’s that you ask? I guess you will just have to read future blog posts to find out as I take the necessary steps in the coming days…

Girlfriend is trying to get deep? Who me lol? Nah I just like to be upfront and honest in any and everything that I do in life. That’s the gist of what you can expect from my blog posts…THE REAL! I look forward to sharing my story in hopes that I can encourage your hearts and help you avoid making the mistakes I have in the past. (Don’t worry I’m still a work in progress…He ain’t done with me yet!) On the flip side of that, I want to share and get feedback on day to day topics such as motherhood, including the life of a stepmother (and dealing with their mamas lol), my natural hair journey, my weight loss journey (are you praying saints!) or whatever else may come to mind.

Will you join me on this new journey? Buckle up and get ready for the ride Girlfriend!

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ErinGreetings!!! Welcome to our blog. I hope that you find our tips, tricks, and personal experiences beneficial and encouraging. My name is Erin and I am currently residing in Charlotte, NC. I’m usually the quiet one in the bunch, not saying much. I do a lot of observing (it’s in my nature). I’m a very complex yet simple person. My top priorities is being happy and laughing and spending time with family and friends (very, very important to me).

I like to attempt cooking and trying new dishes. My new found favorite spice is curry. I also attempt to bake, though I’m no Betty Crocker. I prepare all of these dishes and fine cuisines with no one to share with (that’s why I’m focusing on healthy alternatives and smaller portions).

Other things that I like to do and are a part of my day to day life are:

  • Trying to find a hobby: It’s really hard to find a hobby. I try to be creative, but it usually doesn’t seem to work out. I tried my hand in painting (looked a mess), sewing (I think I will really like it, if I had a few lessons), and many other things.
  • The ups and downs of being natural (the struggle is REAL!!!): I will YouTube any and everything to try something new. From protective styling to day to day maintenance and what works best with the various textures I have.
  • Being single and looking to marry, wanting children and now a widow: Going from having the feeling of never going to find the right one, to planning a wedding and a future with my husband-to-be, then tasked to plan a funeral and now a widow.
  • Fasting and finding purpose: Spending time finding peace, my purpose here as God sees fit, and being more spiritually connected. I have had to take a time out after losing my husband to become grounded again.

Stay tuned as we share our stories and what keeps us going as girlfriends after 15+ years!!!

Fun facts:

  • I was the youngest child until my brother came along 15 years later
  • My favorite color is purple
  • I like the simple things in life
  • I’m frugal
  • I love food
  • I’m always misunderstood
  • I’ve always wanted to be a daddy’s girl

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La'TashaI am La’Tasha, the baby of the “Girlfriends”. I am a mother of two wonderful children, “Princess” 5, and “Prince” 16 months, they are my “Gems” I care for and love people and their families at their weakest moments in life, for I am a critical care RN. My passions in life……… I’m currently still discovering. I have too many days that I question if I am passionate about anything. I do however enjoy makeup, family time, I watch trash t.v (no judgments allowed) natural hair is my “thang” going on 5 years now and I have become a proud product junkie because of it. Ive been told I have commitment issue, I’d like to think I just like having options. A backup plan always needs to be visible for me in every area in my life, to not think ahead makes me anxious. Oh and I forgot to mention I am the SINGLE one. Never married and not sure I need that in my life, but have had some “long term” on again, off again relationships, that perhaps have left a foul taste in my mouth. In which I’m currently on again…..I think…… with my “Gems” father. I have gotten the hang of this single mother thing, though there is always room for improvement. I have gotten completely satisfied with me and my “Gems”, oh but it wasn’t always that way. In the past, my head would be down, feeling ashamed of having not one but TWO kids and not being married, oh and the not so quite mumbles that were said about it. Then God, reminded me of who I am and most importantly who He is and the relationship that WE have and those things didn’t bother me anymore. I am blessed to have my awesome family (with my mother being The Rock) and friends, the “Girlfriends” that are more like sisters. Join us while we love life and the happenings there in it.

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TampicI LOVE <3

*Jesus  *my hubby  *my 3 boys  *my baby girl *my church  *party & wedding planning  *designing & crafting *Pinterest  *learning new things  and of course  *my GIRLFRIENDS!

I’m Tamara and I am here to share with you my life’s journeys- raising boys, couponing, natural hair, weight loss, crafting, you name it! By day I am a Support Technician for a local University and by night/morning I am a wife and mother on a mission! What’s my mission? To fulfill the purpose of life I have been given through and by FAITH. I am a dreamer… a BIG dreamer, that is determined to make my dreams=reality. That is why I love learning new things… anything that can better me and be beneficial to my family, sign me up! So there you have it, the simplified version of me.

So grab you a snack, relax, and enjoy this sitcom blog! Its the perfect place for us to get to know each other and hangout just as girlfriends do!

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