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Grandmas and Children


I recently traveled to Philadelphia to see the new addition to the family, my nephew and all the rest of them. Like any other trip, of course I got sick, I swear it never fails, I get sick every time I travel, my immune system sucks. First stop was my grandmother’s house, the safe haven of all time. I lead my family up the front steps and rang the doorbell (I have a key, but I’m too excited to use it). There she goes, GRANDMA! She opens the storm door with one arm and embraces you with the other. Something about her embrace just lets you know ALL is well. We get in the house good and she looks everyone over pointing out how big the Littles are and then…she says “I see you put some weight on Tash” and then I look down at myself (what is it about when someone points out something about you we always look at ourselves in that moment, like we don’t know what the heck has been going on, lol). So, I just agree and kept it moving. Shortly after that moment, I walk upstairs to help grandma with the beds and she says “Tash, you ain’t getting big in the front are you?”…awkward!!!! I immediately said “no grandma”.  Why is it that children and grandmothers have no filter?!?!  I mean my daughter has told me that my stomach looked like a pancake that had been stepped on before (LMBO) and now grandma too! So at this point I’m beyond self-conscious about my physique and as she is sitting next to me she’s watching my every move. I found myself intentionally lying on my stomach on the floor just to lay that thought to rest lol. Now reality is, I am definitely the heaviest I have ever been, which is still not over weight for me; however, a good bit of it is isolated in my tummy….not cute for anyone, but especially a small framed person. So before long, my dad made his way over and my weight is also pointed out, and just like before, I cock my head down to take a look at myself as if something has changed in the past hour, lol. To add to the madness, by the next afternoon after our zoo trip I was sick as a dog. I mean snotty nosed, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, dizzy, nauseous, and then vomiting. What a way to spend time with the fam. I pretty much stayed in bed all day, I felt like death and then didn’t want to get anyone else sick. I mentioned trying to get back on the road to come home, but I knew I couldn’t take the ride. And of course, I’m sure me being sick only fueled grandmas thoughts. So once I returned to NC, Operation Life is Sweet: Get it Together was in full drive. Myself and a GIRLFRIENDS. have spent the last week prepping ourselves for this change of getting LIFE together holistically. Stay tuned for the journey.

p.s. There is still no place I’d rather be, than right there with Grandma!

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“Check 1,2,3…check your company”

friend-zone-watch-the-company-you-keep    Every once in a while us ladies need to do a company check. You brothers do too, but personally because of the nature of a woman we can tend to “keep” company a tad bit closer/longer than the brothas. So lets define a few terms we all have heard before. The first term is parasite. A parasite is defined by “an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the hosts’ expense”. The second term is leech. A leech is defined by an aquatic or terrestrial annelid worm with suckers at both ends. Many species are bloodsucking parasites, especially of vertebrates, and others are predators. So in other words, a parasite typically attaches or coincides with something or someone where they (the parasite) are the only one benefiting from the interaction/relationship. The parasite makes you sick as it draws things out from you that you’re unable to even see; you’ve got to rid your self of it. Think about the “real” parasite that can be ingested and often times we don’t know it until we’re sick as a dog. Although a leech is a type of parasite, let me explain the difference. See a few years back, I had a post-op plastic surgery patient that had a skin flap which we used medical leeches for his therapy. You see though a leech is often described as a bloodsuckers, which it is, or a “moocher” or a drainer, in this case it was a reciprocal relationship. We applied leeches to this man’s skin flap to prevent the blood from clotting and to improved circulation of flow to this skin flap. I would say this was a: you scratch my back I scratch yours” kind of relationship/interaction. The leech got to eat and the man’s blood flow to this particular area improved. Another thing I’d like to point out is when working with leeches, the real ones, they tended to fall off when full, sounds like some people in our lives; once they have gained from you what they wanted they walk out. Yes the leeches I spoke about helped this particular patient out, but it was still a leech, and once it received all it could hold it fell off. Now think about the company you keep.

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Getting Back to Me

I’m fat! Yeah that’s right I said it. I’m F-A-T point, blank, period! No need to sugar coat it; I’m not “fluffy”, “thick”, “big-boned”, I am just fat! HA!! No I do not have low self-esteem and no I’m not beating myself up, I’m just now choosing to stop making excuses and tell it like it T-I-IS!!!


I recently had a conversation with my husband, a hard conversation ya’ll, I mean hard! Lol I swallowed my pride, attempted to push my emotions aside, pulled my big girl panties up and asked my husband if he thought that I needed to lose weight! Yeah I know, what was I thinking right? LOL! No but in all seriousness I had started to let myself go. I was dealing with the recent loss of our baby and had just gotten to a point where I didn’t care anymore. I was already big before getting pregnant and after finding out picked up weight pretty quickly and probably even more while dealing with the grief. But I’d had enough; I was not happy with myself and it was time to get it together and take care of myself so that I’m healthy enough to be here, until the Lord calls me home, to take care of my Sweet Pea! So back to the conversation…I could tell that I put my husband in an awkward position because he paused probably thinking this conversation could really take a left turn lol. But he was open and honest with me, he told me what I didn’t want to hear, but needed to hear…”Yes, you could lose a few pounds”. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daggers in the heart, swallow those tears, fix your face, and most importantly get your health back on track!

So Girlfriends that is what I have done! It took hearing those words from my husband for me to make a decision that I can’t live like this any longer! So what have I changed? I’m glad you asked. For starters I’m back working out! I joined a gym in November, and actually found out I was pregnant that day, and have never stepped a foot back in the door since signing the papers LOL! Sad I know!! But in the interim my sister found a local boot camp that was offering the whole month of January for free and asked me to do it with her. I was hesitant at first, but was like hey this is what I need to really get me going. My initial thought was that I’d do the free camp and then start the gym in February and use the techniques I’ve learned. Well I have now completed the 3rd week of camp and am already seeing results YESSSSSSSSS!!!! So my plan has changed a bit. I’ve (well me and hubby) decided that I’m going to continue with the boot camp because my trainer is a beast and the type of work out she’s providing I will never do on my own. It’s tough, definitely not a cake walk, but I’m finding that I love the push! In addition to working out consistently, I’ve also changed my eating habits and increased my water intake. I do really well during the week; it’s the weekends that I need to get better with tho. But that will come in time. I’m just proud of myself for making these few strides towards my goal of living a healthier lifestyle.

So who’s with me? Are you willing to jump on board with one being my accountability partners and checking in to make sure I’m staying on track and two to make a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle yourself? If you’re struggling in this area, trust me you are not alone, we are in this thing together!

Cheers to being healthy, staying healthy, getting back to me, or better yet getting to know, love and embrace the new and improved me!

19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is within you, whom you have [received as a gift] from God, and that you are not your own [property]? 20 You were bought with a price [you were actually purchased with the precious blood of Jesus and made His own]. So then, honor and glorify God with your body. ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 AMP

Peace & Blessings,

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Picture7Happy Tuesday!!!!! After almost TWO weeks of straight rain, I can say that I’m glad it’s not raining!!! lol Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick update on getting healthier. Our body is our temple and we only get ONE! Like the other girls, I too am trying to preserve this body that I was given to last many many years. On this journey, we’re striving to make better eating decisions, consume more water, and incorporate more physical activity into our daily lives. I’m proud to say that after two months of eating differently, working out with a trainer 3 times/week, I’m down 11 lbs and 3 1/4 inches in the waist. Let’s celebrate the small victories in preparation for the grand prize!! No personal picture today, but keep a look out for the change…

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In honor of the coined hashtag #transformationtuesday. I would like to share an image I found on Pinterest. The image demonstrates how we should all approach each meal of the day. I believe if we were to vow to follow this imagery, we too can have our own #transformationtuesday for all to see!


I hope this inspires someones to a small step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Until next time ladies… enjoy your Tuesday!!

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Is There a Cure?

  • Progress Report month #3: 2lbs gained totaling 9lbs lost thus far

Is there a cure for emotional eating? I get cravings when I’m happy, sad, mad, stressed, you name it. And I’m talking about the kinds of cravings that are greasy, sweet, loaded with all the junk that causes clogged arteries and could send you into a diabetic coma! Is there a cure for me? I mean I understand that it’s my choice to give into the cravings or redirect that desire to something else such as exercise, reading, etc. but it’s just not that simple for me. I’m starting to think it would just be easier if could I really teach and program my body to LOVE and CRAVE foods that are healthy and fueling to my body. Like my reality is I’m going to eat, right now I can’t see how I can stop eating- so since I can’t, I at least need to eat what’s good for me. Anybody with me? Or at this point are you laughing and calling me crazy! I’m trying to be real with you ladies and I really need some help! My failed efforts lets me know I’m not able to do it on my own any more. I know I’m not going to wake up tomorrow morning and be cured (or will I?). How much of this disease is simply me being disobedient to God… am I cursed? I’ve just got a lot thoughts floating in my head right now (which has me currently craving a chocolate chocolate chip muffin- Lord help me!) and I need a sure-able cure! So ladies please be in prayer with me, that I’m able to fight this disease and turn my unhealthy craving habits into a fueling frenzy for my temple and that surely God will provide my way of escape!

I’ve shared this scripture before but feel it’s necessary for my own benefit to repeat it again:

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. 1 Corinthians 10: 13 (ESV)

If you have any tips and/or suggestions, please share them. I’m sure there are other women that could benefit from our discussion. Thanks in advance ladies!

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Summertime Eats!

Hi ladies! Happy Tuesday…I hope the week is treating you well with this 100 degree weather and it’s not even summer yet!!!!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the kickoff of our first annual summer beauty series and our guest vlogger MzNaturalLife…she offered up some pretty good tips to stay GLAMed up this summer. In staying GLAMed, it all starts within and work its way outward. So let’s talk about this summer heat and what to eat. I tend to try and eat lighter in the summertime (which I think everyone does) just so I don’t feel wiped out when I’m done. The only problem I have is figuring out what that “lighter” option is besides salads lol. So since I decided to start cooking again, I tried a new veggie tonight….drum roll please…..spaghetti squash!!!!!!!!! I’m always skeptical and hesitant when trying new things; but can we say delicious! Yea I cheated a little and cooked it in the microwave, but the butter, garlic and Italian herb sauce sprinkled with a little Parmesan was on point! This will be a go to substitute pasta for those nights when I’m feeling starchy. So overall I didn’t do too bad today…banana and grapefruit for breakfast, zesty sriracha carrot hummus and pita chips (and something else lol) for lunch, and spaghetti squash and salad for dinner…go me lol. Only if I could find some extra protein I’d be doing great!

So luv’s, what’s some of your summertime favs? Until next time…keep it breezy!!!!!!

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Regain Control

  • Progress Report month #2: 4lbs down totaling 11lbs lost thus far!

I’m calling today “feel good Friday,” because well indeed “IT FEELS GOOD” (singing in my Tony! Toni! Tone! voice). Friday is finally here ladies! Its been quite a long week for me, as work at the 8-5 has been rather demanding this week. But moving right along lets talk about my doctor’s appointment this week. So my doctor is “very pleased” with my progress and thinks we’ve got a great plan going. Now I’m not taking it for granted, a loss is certainly to be celebrated and much appreciated BUT (you knew it was coming) its time I REGAIN CONTROL. These two months have been like any other, lacking true dedication, planning/prepping, and discipline! It’s like my mojo has taken a sabbatical with no certainty of when it shall return. “What’s up with that?,” I said self, and myself said “Hmmm.” No, but seriously, I have got to regain control. You know that saying, “it’s easier said, than done“… I feel like that’s my excuse, but we all know that’s no real excuse.

Please don’t take this wrong, I’m not “beating myself up” or looking for a “pity-party” I’m just vocalizing to myself the need to make some REAL changes! Its kinda embarrassing when I’m searching for fast food calories on MFP or having to create this massive list of calories because I have to account for all the condiments and “extras” I ate! And well, since I’ve asked you ladies to be my accountability partners, I’m just letting you know the struggle is real right now. I will say that things in and around my household are about to change, much for the good. My mother is now ready to jump on board with healthy eating and the hubs is just happy we’re finally coming to the light LOL. My action plan to REGAIN CONTROL begins with these 3 simple tasks:

  1. Menu plan & Meal Prep (healthy, cleaning eating: Pinterest has awesome recipes, snack ideas, tips & tricks)
  2. Water intake (1/2 gallon to 1 gallon per day)
  3. Walking (10,000 steps a day is the goal)

So any of you ladies that are interested, please feel free to join me on this journey and begin with these 3 daily goals. I want to leave you with this scripture as a reminder that God is truly faithful, no matter the task or journey you face. His Word promises you “a way of escape” so don’t get discourage, just ask Him for the escape route! I know I’m ready to be broken of my bad habits in eating unhealthy food and damaging my temple. Are you?

No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it. ~ 1 Corinthians 10:13 (ESV)

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Nurses Week

Nurses 5.7.15Hi ladies…I just want to take the time out to acknowledge National Nurses Week starting May 6th thru May 12th. Please take a moment and go with me on this journey…

Good Morning, my name is LaTasha, and I will be taking care of you today.  I reach out to shake the hand of your loved one and notice the puffiness in her eyes and the burdened stance that she takes.  I recall my prayer unto the Lord as I walked in this morning. “Lord, let the interactions that I have with my patients and their families be pleasing unto you.” As I scan the room, we’re maxed out vasopressors, glance at my monitor, “ah man”, my vitals, I mean….my patients vitals….your loved one’s vitals, not so good.  I take the deepest breath I can get without my posture changing because I know you’re seated to feed from me right now and I don’t want to make you uneasy. I kindly offer the basic things: food, water, light/no light and mention I will be back in just a moment and close the door behind me. This is the day…

Dear Family,

    This is the day I am here to serve you.  Can I hold your hand, rub your back or simply sit beside you.  Any phone calls I can make for you? This has got to be the hardest one to make.  I offer you an opened box of tissues, I took the first one.  Tears stream down your face and history plays just as fast. Those good ol’ times and what they mean to you. You speak from a full heart all those things you want them to be assured about. I want you to know I already prayed for you, for your mother, father, sister, brother, child as I walked in this morning.  When I shook your hand this morning to introduce myself, I asked Jehovah Shalom to rest in this place. As I look around in the room and see the signs of absence in this world approaching, I’m preparing “me” for them in the bed and you.  There’s never a day when I’m numb as a nurse and it won’t start today either.  I ask you what you need, not really knowing a thing that I may do to give you what is truly desired at this time.Should I leave? So do I stay? Sure…I can do that.  Hold you, sure….but don’t mind the tremor you feel as I embrace and hold you up. A sob is taking place that I’m silencing to “be strong” for you right now. Nature calls so you exit to the restroom and its now your love and MY patient. Remember when I entered the room and I saw “my vitals” weren’t stable, I serve as if it were me, my blood in that bed. The alcohol gel has removed the visible oil from my hands, but there’s still a faint smell of frankincense from the anointing oil. Its my turn to plead with the Lord on behalf of your beloved. In doing so, I also know that God has a plan and it is perfect, HIS will. You return and know the time is nigh. Again I am here, the best I can be, I think to myself… did I nod off the day in nursing school when the instructor taught this part. Knowing that THIS can’t be taught. The emotional responsibility for others, for you, on this day… one can teach. I am here to serve you,as I care for my patient, your Love, what do you need from me?

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Pretty Hurts

Last night my husband and I were discussing some challenges that our 13 year old daughter is facing. He explained to me all that her mother said she has been experiencing in school, amongst her peers and ultimately how she views herself. We all went thru it as teenagers, not feeling as pretty or adequate enough to fit in with the “in crowd”. Not you, okay that’s cool, good for you, but that discussion reminded me of another teenage girl, or adult, that went thru similar challenges…me.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve always been on the plump side. I came into this world 8lbs 1ounce and now weigh over 200lbs. (I’m not ready to share the exact number, just know it’s not near 300lbs lol). I was always the “big friend” in my circle of friends growing up and still carry that trophy now. I would like to think that it doesn’t really bother me as much now as I am learning to love the skin I’m in, however that have been times or days where I just didn’t feel pretty. Going shopping with friends that were considerably smaller than me was sometimes a challenge. I felt like people were staring at me like why is that big girl in this store, she knows she can’t wear anything in here. More than likely that thought was all in my head and no one cared that I was in the store, it was all internal. It was how I viewed myself, how I desired to be petite so that I would feel pretty. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

I love the movement of the plus sized girl or woman now. It teaches our young girls to love themselves no matter what size you are. The Lord did not intend for everyone to be the same size or shape, if we did it would be quite a boring world.

13 For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. 14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. ~Psalm 139:13-14

God designed us in His own image. We are tailor made to be unique in our own right! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for an unhealthy lifestyle. We must make sure that we are taking care of our temples, no matter what size we are. Regardless if you are short, tall, fat or skinny; whatever size you are, love it and own it honey!! I tell people all the time, learn how to dress your body type. A fly outfit that’s accentuates my curves just the right way, always boosts my confidence level; especially when I am having an “I’m fat” day. Even though that seems to help the principle that I want to leave with you today is that it starts first internally. Our outward appearance will always vary, beauty will at some point fade away, but our self-esteem or confidence will always be with us.

I cannot wait to see my stepdaughter next weekend. I’m going to make sure to love on her and tell her just how beautiful she in inside and out. I’m going to let her know that you never let someone take from you something that they never gave in the first place. Yes pretty can hurt sometimes, but only when you place it in the wrong hands.

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