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So I’m about that “planner-life” LOL. But no seriously I am! I enjoy being a Weddings & Events Planner. This habit (bad-habit as some see it lol) developed back when I was in high school… I would help plan family functions and birthday parties. People started telling me how good I was at it and how much they hated the logistics of planning and appreciated my help. I also have always been rather crafty and absolutely LOVE diy projects!!! The best part of it all for me is having a creative outlet. Being a planner there’s never a dull moment of replication/duplication… there’s always a way to make something different than before, customized to suit each individual.

Proverbs 16:9 ~ The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. (ESV)

This scripture reminds me that no matter how much I plan, God still has control over my steps. I love having the opportunity to plan and watch things come to life. I thank God that in all of my planning He still takes control and shifts things the way He sees fit. For me, as a planner things don’t just stop at weddings and events. I menu plan, blog plan, workout plan, craft plan- you name it I “plan” for it first… as much as possible. I like having an agenda/to-do list, I really should buy stock in Post-Its, I literally write lists and notes all day long and stick them wherever needed for me to get things done! You can look forward to March being the Baby Shower month for me! There are three showers currently in the making for this month and the anticipation of seeing these final reveals is killing me. I’m so excited to share with you, just what being about that “planner-life” is for me right here!! So cheers to the weekend ladies! I’ve got 100 hand sanitizer labels to cut and glue ~ pray for me LOL.

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I Need A Drink

Yes you read it correctly! You ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right? Well that was me a few days ago. My husband and I got into a little spat, my daughter was on my last nerve, I had million things to do and no time to do them. The thought quickly came to my mind, “I need a drink”.

So you are probably thinking, I thought she said she was a woman of God? Well yes I am but sometimes my mind reverts back to how I dealt with stress in the past. It was nothing for me to get off from work, run by the store and grab a quick bottle of Arbor Mist to go along with dinner, or to drink with some soft music to mellow down for the evening. Yes even back then I was heavily involved in church, born and raised, but still felt like I needed a little something extra to “deal” with my problems or to run away from them, if even just for a second. What about the sense of conviction? I’m glad you asked; that leads me into my thoughts for the day.

I often hear people (Christians specifically) say it’s nothing wrong with drinking alcohol “as long as you don’t get drunk”. Or they will say “I’m just a social drinker”. Yes even I am guilty of saying this same thing once upon a time. That was something quick and easy to say instead of just being honest and say “I’m not ready to be delivered from my mess”. I can remember years ago going out Saturday night with the girls getting tipsy, if not drunk and then getting up Sunday morning bright and early ready to sing on the praise team. I felt convicted, but would repent, do it all over again the next weekend and blame it on the fact that I was young and “experiencing life”. I was totally wrong and out of order. (Thank you Lord for Your grace and Your mercy!!)

As I’ve gotten older and grown in Christ, I have realized there is so much wrong with drinking and calling yourself a Believer.  I feel so convicted even now when I think back to how I was living a double life. Proclaiming to be a Christian, but still wanting to be a part of and accepted by the world. “If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” John 15:19 Why would you want to be associated with things of the world, when they hate us? Think about it.

So what’s the big deal, what’s wrong with having a little sip here or there? Let’s take a deeper look into the Word and see:

“It is good neither to eat meat nor drink wine nor do anything by which your brother stumbles or is offended or is made weak.” ~Romans 14:21

“And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit” ~Ephesians 5:18

“envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.” ~Galatians 5:21

These are just a few scriptures from the Bible where the Lord clearly states that we are not to drink alcohol. Why would we defile the temple (body) that He created and allowed us to rent temporarily while here on earth. Is a simple drink worth your soul’s salvation? Where will you rest eternally, in Heaven with our Lord and Savior or in the Lake of Fire with your drink and your 2 step? It’s a lot to take in, I know, but I pray that it if this applies to you, it has you thinking.

“I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service. 2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” ~ Romans 12:1-2

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…what is my MOTIVATION?

Oh I still love the old Sprite commercial where the guy interrupts and asks, “excuse me, excuse me, what is my motivation?”

Motivation (by definition) is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

So now you may ask, well what is my motivation/desire/willingness? Well personally I think it is important to focus on 2-3 main goals (which can be broad but attainable-mine are ;D) at a time. They currently are 1. to be better and 2. to lose weight. To be better??? Yes I know it’s broad (I told you it would be), but I want to be better: As a believer, spending more quality time with God and not just stopping for a five minute break to say oh yeah God, this is our moment of the day, thanks & bye! I want (and need) to have daily praise & worship as well as dig deeper into the Word. To be better as a wife, making sure that I am encouraging and lifting up the hubs daily. Reminding him of the love I have for him and serving as his helpmate. And to be better as a mother, learning how to turn off the noise and sit and talk-conversate with my boys. I do not want to be that disconnected parent because I have not taken the time to get to know them individually on their level. So #2 is pretty self-explanatory, to lose weight. It is time for me to be selfish and love myself wholeheartedly. In the past I have been that special occasions, every once in a while type of woman who will make time for myself to get pampered or buy a pair of shoes. My actions were purely devoted to the fact that I believed the money for those things had “better use” for our family. But I am now coming around to learning and knowing that I am just as important as the other 4 members of my family. They represent me and I represent them! For that purpose alone I know I need to make some changes-beginning with my weight. It is time for me to focus more on my eating habits and start moving!! I want my hubs and boys to be proud of the woman they see and not be ashamed or embarrassed for me to show up at their job or school. This is all a process that starts with me loving me and taking care of me. I must approach each day with a positive attitude and do something that is beneficial to reaching my goals. I must take care of the temple God has given me so that it can remain useful to the Kingdom, my family, my girlfriends, and my clients!

Tell me, what is your motivation? Who or what are your motivators?

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I Got the Blues…Part II

Girlfriends…I made it through the tour without crying, BUT almost had a small emotional outburst LOL! However I was a “big girl” and swallowed it back down. I did not want to embarrass my husband, nor myself. Even though I think the program director saw it all over my face and is used to those types of reactions from new preschool/daycare moms. This is a huge step! It seems like just yesterday she was 2 weeks old and we were bringing her home from the hospital. (That’s another story that I will share with you all at a later date).

So on to the story about the actual tour. Overall I was very impressed by the school, their curriculum and staff. I will withhold from sharing the name of the school for now. Upon our arrival, the director was at the door with a huge smile on her face waiting to greet us (Love that!) Instantly she made me and baby girl feel comfortable. My pooh was a little intimidated at first and literally hugged my leg the first 15 minutes of the tour. LOL! Once we started touring the classrooms she started to open up a bit and showed interest in the toys and various activities going on. It wasn’t until we visited with her potential class on the playground that my almost outburst occurred. While hubby and I were talking to the director I noticed she slowly inched away from us and closer to the other kids. Before we knew it she was in the midst of the kids, engaging in their block activity, without looking back at mommy and daddy. Okay I’m getting emotional again!!! No but like seriously 🙁

We left her on the playground for a little while to go over some paperwork. When we returned to let her know it was time to go, she looked as though she was right at home and wasn’t ready to leave her new found friends. She actually had a fit when Daddy picked her up so we could go. This is the reassurance I needed (well we both needed) to see that she is indeed ready to start school. I just don’t know if Mommy (nor her Nana, another post for another day lol) is truly ready for this. I want her to grow up, but then again I want her to always be my sweet baby girl. What am I going to do when its her actual first day….then her first day of kindergarten…first day of high school…prom….graduation…..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I need your prayers PLEASE!!!!! I guess I just have to suck it up and realize she’s growing up and know that she will always be my baby girl. I (we) will get thru this!!!

Don’t worry, there will be a Part III coming soon after her first day, or maybe first week. Stay tuned girlfriends!!!

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How it all started…The Journey Leading up to 12/6/2014

It all started in mid-January talking with one of my best friends about “girl stuff” lol and she mentioned this guy named Robert. She went on and on about how nice he was, how we had a lot of things in common, and how some of his past options were bad choices. So I said that it would be ok for her to give out my number. A few weeks went by and she asked if I heard from him yet and I hadn’t. She didn’t know what was taking him so long to reply…lol I told her no big deal. Then on March 1, 2013 hanging with my sister and her newborn, I received this text that took me a few hours to reply to lol. I just didn’t know what to say!

Robert: Hello Erin, I apologize for taking so long to reach out. Believe that my reason for pause is not associated to my level of attraction to be honest I sneaked a peek 🙂 of your Facebook account and your beautiful…I understand that this isn’t an arrangement but I find that sometimes things just happen giving the opportunity and I guess I was just concerned on the negative potential. Well I’m done with my mini panic attack at times I get carried away, I have quite the imagination. Hopefully we can get to know each other and become friends over time and go from there.
Me: Good morning…I hope your day is going well so far. I’m glad to hear from you and it’s ok I can understand your concern. No need for the mini attacks…I’m looking forward to getting to know you.

What would be your response???? Continue reading…


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I Got the Blues…Preschool Edition

Okay so I’m feeling some type of way. I just scheduled my baby’s first preschool tour and I’m trying not to cry!!!! So I guess you’re wondering if I’m a stay at home mom, I wish!! I have been blessed enough to have my mom care for my daughter since she was 7 weeks old. Well my baby will be 3 in April and it’s about time that she branch out from Nana’s care and start on her journey as a big girl in school. (Anyone have any tissue??) 🙁

I’m super nervous. I have so many questions…how will she adjust? Will she cry the whole day? Are they going to feed my baby properly? Will she make friends? Will she get sick her first week? Okay take a chill pill Katesha!!! (Breathe in, breathe out…woooo saaaaaaaaa) You all will have to bear with me; this is all new to me!!!!

How do I go about not being the over bearing, over protective mom? I do not want to be the mom that is always popping up at school checking on her baby! Just so that you can get a feel of where I’m coming from, she’s almost 3 and if she naps too long I still check to make sure she’s breathing LOL!

So I want to pose a question? How have you all dealt with your child’s first day of school? I’m open for any and all suggestions.

Now go easy on me girlfriends, you know I’m emotional! 😀

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Year One…

Year one will be all over the place…various emotions and feelings to happy memories and laughing on the inside. Come along with me on my journey of the first year as a widow…

As another “holiday” comes and goes, it continues to remind me of what and who I don’t have anymore. From the beginning when you pray for a mate and let God do the rest, when it’s your time according to His plan, the love and relationship comes naturally. I’ve never said that it was always easy, but it was always worth it. If you are blessed with another opportunity to say I love you and to wake up next to your chosen mate, be honored and grateful. As I go on day to day, I pray that it’ll get easier. I know God will send another my way; but until then, Happy Valentine’s Day!

ER1 2.17.15ER2 2.17.15

*Robert Ford 12/06/2014*

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So tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! The one day a year that for some they express an exuberant abundance of love and affection towards others because well its Valentine’s Day lol. Since being married I have learned what it means to love someone each and every day. That no matter the struggles or trials of the day at the end of it all there is still LOVE. Love is more than candies, roses, balloons, and cards. Love is a feeling, an emotion, those little butterflies you get in your stomach. That is in my opinion how love should make you feel. Anybody know what I am talking about? So not only is tomorrow Valentine’s Day but Tuesday is the hubs BIRTHDAY! So he’s in for a double-dose of loving ;D. This weekend myself and the hubs will be doing a little special celebrating at a Neo-Soul concert. It is his favorite artist so I had to make sure to jump on those tickets when I saw that she was coming!

Today is also a very special day for a young couple I know who will be getting married this afternoon. I decided to send them a poem I found by Terah Cox titled “An Uncommon Love.” It reads…

May you have the love
only two can know
May you go where only
two as one may go
May the sun rise and set
in your bonded hearts
and the moon never find you
too long apart
May you cherish each other’s
dreams as your own
and turn all stumbling blocks
into stepping stones
May you brave life’s mountains
and miles together
May there be no storm
your love cannot weather
May you always be lovers
and allies and friends
May your souls’ conversation
never end
May you capture on earth
what’s in heaven above
May your hearts know the rapture
of an uncommon love.

Wishing them an eternity of love and happiness!

So Girlfriend what is LOVE to you? How will you celebrate your Valentine this year?

Wishing each of you a WONDERFUL VALENTINE’S DAY!

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Auntie Time!!!!

As you know, I do not have any children of my own at the moment, but when I get the opportunity, I borrow a few from time to time lol. And because I love kids so much, I had the pleasure of spending some time this weekend with some awesome little ones (15 months, 23 months, and 5 yrs). We had a nice sleepover… nothing like a good ol’ slap in the face from a sleeping toddler or saving a 5 yr old from making a head dive off the side of the bed lol. The fun began dark and early Saturday morning at 5:45am!!!!!!! By 6:30am everyone was up. We ate waffles and grits for breakfast. They ran up and down the hallway for a few hours, and then it was NAP TIME!!!! I was able to get all fresh and rejuvenated and prepared for the afternoon. We had lunch at Noodles and Co. and shopping to make special treats. More naps and burning energy: chasing the dogs and riding them like horses… I had time to make treats. Cake pops here we come! It was such an easy recipe. I think they came out pretty nice. It was a simple and fun hands-on project to do with the kids. I got the recipe/idea from MyLittleCupcakePop on YouTube. It was a great no bake option (although a little sweet for me). We used purple candy melts (my fav color) and some simple sprinkles for decoration. You’ll have to give me your thoughts on what they look like. cake pop 2.10.15What a great weekend. I’m sure I’ll have many more great AUNTIE ventures to share 

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Life with Boys!

So what’s life like with boys? three of them to be exact… BUSY! Never a dull moment!!

I’m the mother of three very special young men. (alil background first) I had the pleasure of meeting my hubs almost six years ago and I guess you could call it love at first sight. We met online, had a meet up a few days later, went out on an official date later the next week and the rest is history! On August 7, 2010 I became a wife and insta-mom of two little boys. Then December 16, 2011 (as luck would have it) our family grew by one more BOY!

They are each very unique and similar all at the same time. The oldest is in the fourth grade- he plays baseball, football, and basketball. The middle one is in the first grade- he plays basketball and is wanting to now also play football. The youngest is in K-3 daycare class and he is a lover of ALL sports. But if I had to pick a favorite for him I would say… basketball! He is also our “little drummer” following in the footsteps of his dad! So as you can imagine given their current grade levels and activity schedules we’re certainly a busy family! Is anyone else tired yet?

So what do I find challenging? Well this weekend will present its challenges as both of the older boys have basketball games scheduled at the same time at different locations! So unfortunately, we will be a family divided- myself and the baby boy will be attending the middle son’s game, while the hubs will be with our oldest at his game! I do find it sometimes challenging to shop for them because the selections can be “too basic.” Or just because they are boys does not mean they only want to wear stripes, trucks, cars, and dinosaurs on their clothes. I also find it alil annoying when we go places and there are many look-a-likes around! I do dare to shop for them online to find more of a variety than what Target and Crazy 8 offers, but there are times when you just need the convenience of a local store.

(more challenges) Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my reigning title as The Queen but sometimes I dream of the moments I could have with a little girl of my own!  Doing her hair, painting our nails, playing baby dolls and doll house… picking out the cutest outfits with all the little accessories! Or just having an excuse to watch the movie Frozen!! No I  have not seen it yet…have heard great things about it-but the boys have not even mentioned the word Frozen in our house!!

What do I consider most rewarding? The most rewarding part of it all for me… is simply being a MOM! I consider it an honor and a privilege to be a mother. After experiencing a miscarriage and believing that I would not have children of my own (the devil is a lie!) I had a different perceptive on life. I learned how to really and truly trust in God, stand on His promises, and I wholeheartedly believed in the power of prayer. In only six short months (that seemed like FOREVER to me and the hubs) we were pregnant and I had a successful full-term pregnancy! Won’t He do it!!!! Do I have any witnesses???

And so yes- MY life with boys is fun, exciting, and always entertaining! I wouldn’t trade them for nothing!!

So how’s your life with boys? What would you consider challenging about it? What do you consider most rewarding?

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