The Present

First of all let me send my personal apologies for not posting last Friday, but as many of you may have noticed it was MY BIRTHDAY lol. And I simply decided to just take the day off and not do anything that required work.

Now let me say- HAPPY FRIDAY chicas! Hope this week has been good to you and I hope this month of December has been treating you all well!

I wanted to just take a brief moment to talk about what this time of the year means. Every year I have these bright ideas on how I want to celebrate the Christmas season (darn that Pinterest!). I start planning things out and getting everything all organized and prepared only to fall short of my own expectations. See in my eyes, the world pressures us to decorate and to shop! It’s as if that’s all Christmas is about – decking the halls and buying gifts. Yes, those things are a part of the holiday season but it’s NOT ALL that it’s about.

With this commercialized season, we tend to not always see the CHRIST in CHRISTmas. But we, the believers must not forget the One, the I AM that was sent to save us. We remember Him, we celebrate Him, for without Him there would be no Christmas.

presentSo this year I want to be “the present.” Yes, I’m the present this year – present with my family and most importantly present with God. What better gift than to be present with my family making memories and loving on one another and being in the presence of God, giving Him all the glory and all the praise.

Ladies, please don’t get caught up in the “hustle” of Christmas and remember Who Is the reason for the season. Don’t allow society to blind you and rob you of this opportunity to give God glory for what He’s done, and to celebrate Jesus. To teach your children and family what it means to celebrate CHRISTmas and create ever lasting memories.

Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week!

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“In His Safety”

I extend my right arm high, attempting to adjust the air. Yes, as always I’m cold, but it is becoming a tad bit stifling in here. I am on the plane heading back to NC from NY where my childhood best friend got married and I just couldn’t miss it. I notice the other passengers around me becoming just as antsy as myself, we’ve been on this plane for an hour already waiting for clearance to take off. Finally we’re off in the air, the gentlemen beside me closes the window shade, I rest my head back and relax thinking back on the festivities of the wedding weekend. Typically, this is my time to sleep, in the past I couldn’t even stay awake for take off, but this time the excitement has me wide eyed. I hear the chime go off letting us know that we’re permitted to turn on our aircraft approved devices, so I reach for my kindle. Shortly after I find myself completely indulged in this new book I downloaded which I can’t seem to remember the title of right now. Suddenly, we start to experience a little turbulence, no big deal…..I have flown more than enough to where that doesn’t freak me out. I look toward the front of the plane to check on refreshments, I’m beyond thirsty and of course I had to throw away my bottle of water and refused to pay $4 for another. It should be about time we get some peanuts, pretzels, a soda or something. Turbulence again…………this time it lasted longer, the flight attendant is seated and buckled up, our seatbelt signs are back on. Even at this point I’m doing OKAY, it wasn’t until that God awful dip we took, that felt like the floor had been snatched away like on the tower of terror that shook me. At this time it seemed the plane had speed up and the plane was chaotic. The gentlemen beside me had opened the window shade to my left which preceded the screams of the other passengers because at this point our upper bodies hovered over our seat belts as it felt as though the plane was going down. I look around, look forward, looking for anything that says we are going to be okay to only find tears rolling down some faces, eyes clenched tight on others, hands grasps tight on the arm rest and the flight attendant buckled and on the phone. I hear my own pounding heartbeat racing along with my breaths. Is this really happening? I thought, I’m going to die, today right now, I began to pray and pled with the Lord to spare my life as well as the lives of those on this plane including the one that this accident was intended for. After what seemed like eternity the plane leveled out and the turbulence stopped. I continued to pray until we landed, no one ever came on the intercom to apologize or explain the experience. The flight attendant never picked up the phone to make an announcement to us, nothing was said. Once I felt the friction of the wheels hitting the landing strip, I was beyond relieve and GRATEFUL for an answered prayer. Many people missed their connecting flights, I battled with the decision to stay in Detroit and figure out how else to get home, or run clear across another building to get to my next departing terminal. Is this now playing Russian roulette with my life, I was sparred once, but now getting back on the plane was another story. So I called mom, how good it was to hear her voice as she prayed with me and calmed my spastic emotions over the phone through the airport as I ran to my next flight just as they were making the final call. This flight was bigger, brighter, no turbulence….and best of all I made it home. My nerves were still bad, but boy was I glad to be home, to see my family, touch my children, all of which was on the verge of being gone. Sunday, after this experience an old song was ministered and what as reminder it was straight from the Lord. This one is for you Saints, never forget it.

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Game Face

Every time that I am prepared to write about one topic something happens in my life that inspires me to write about another. But hey I guess that is what I promised to give you from the start of this blog…the real deal about situations happening in my life. No sugar added, just the straight up truth!

How many times are we asked “How are you doing?” in a day? Or how many times do we ask the same question to others. Now how often do we really tell the truth or do we just give the standard response “I’m fine, how are you?”. Okay so I’m guilty of the later. It just seems like the easiest response to give. One because you may not want to go into details about what’s really going on in your life at the moment or two you just want to be polite, respond and move on. Its seemingly easier to put on your “game face” and give that quick response and move on.

Game FaceI often wonder what would happen if we begin giving an honest response to the question. Start telling people how we are really doing instead of hiding behind a smile that is hard to maintain at the moment. What are you masking behind that game face, what is on your heart that you desire to share with someone but just can’t seem to get the thoughts to form into words and come out of your mouth. I also wonder if we are trying to maintain the appearance of strength. Like will we show a sign of weakness if we break down in the moment and share how we REALLY feel?

Maybe its just me. There are moments when I may be dealing with something and instead of opening up, choose to give that standard response and move on. Sometimes I feel like its just better that I deal with things on my own to not burden someone else with my issues. Should this be the case? Not at all. Its okay to have a weak moment and allow someone else to impart into your life.  I encourage you (and myself) to relax that game face and give a true response to the question “How are you”. (But don’t go telling everyone your business, be wise in who you share your intimate thoughts and feelings with. Another post for another day.) You just never know who the Lord may send your way that day to deliver that special message or word that you need to get through your circumstance.

Peace & Blessings

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Growing Pains…

Hey Girlfriends!!! I pray that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and were able to share it among loved ones!

Okay so today I’m having a mushy mommy moment! My baby is growing up toooooooooooooooooo fast!!! She has developed SO much since she started school and continues to shock me every day with new phrases and sentences. She is very observant and has quite a sharp memory! She can reenact everything from circle time at school to the flow of intercessory prayer during Sunday morning worship!! Lol! She is trip ya’ll and I love it!!! Nothing warms my heart more than when she randomly runs up to me, wraps those little arms around my neck, kisses me on the cheek and says “Mommy I just love you!” **insert tear**

I’m looking forward to continue to watch her grow and develop but can’t help but get sad when those Facebook memories pop up with all of her various baby pictures that I previously posted. Where has the time gone? She will be 4 in 4 months…did you hear me 4!!!! I don’t think I’m ready yet. I want her to stay this little forever, is that too much to ask for? Am I the only mommy that feels this way? I know I can be a little crazy sometimes, but come on now I know I am not alone!!! LOL!!!

I thank God for blessing me with the gift of motherhood and I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. The good days, bad days, and yes even the acceptance of these growing pains that Sweet Pea is developing into her own little person. Its tough to accept but I have to do it!


And you know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t flip the attention off myself and on to you Girlfriend! For those that have been blessed to be called Mother, treasure that title, pray for your children constantly and strive to be the best woman for the job! And for those ladies that have the desire to carry the title of mother one day, continue to present your petition to our Father. If it be His will I pray that your request be given to you in His timing!

Until next week…

Peace & Blessings,

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Year One…

christmas-ornament-1042543_1280Hello luvs!!! I hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends and maybe even did a little shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday. So I started my post a few weeks ago (and struggled with it ever since) when I read a blog post from another blogger who also happens to be my natural hair stylist; and it was exactly how I was feeling that day and towards others (friends/family) who i deal with on a daily basis and them interacting with me. I pray that my posts is shared with others who may be in this reality right now or can give you a glimpse of what it’s like for others walking in this journey.

This post by was right on time! Thank you Kelley for sharing your transparency.

Struggling to write a blog post for today (and every other Tuesday) this is what the past 11 months have been for me and continues to be. Grieving is never an easy task, but navigate it at you own pace. It gets easier with time and that time differs from person to person.  Don’t let society or anyone else dictate when you should move on. When one is diagnosed with cancer we both are diagnosed. Living the life of a cancer patient is hard work. The endless nights of no sleep, the never-missing a scheduled dose of pain meds, comforting when there’s nothing you can physically do to help, sleeping in a hospital chair for 8 weeks, listening to monitors beep and go off 24/7, explaining things over-and-over because their sense of time is off due to a long hospital stay…and the list could continue forever, but it is absolutely depleting. Now take that, rev it up, and say goodbye all in about six months. Welcome to the life…

Our society expects us to always keep going and stay busy. Whether it’s working countless hours to provide for your home, taking care of your family, being a friend, sister, auntie, God-mother…or whatever it is that keeps you on the move. I’ve come to a point where I need to tap out…I need a minute from life to just sit still. When you stay continuously moving, you get burned out; sheer exhaustion. Work is a blur and my focus is all over the place except where it needs to be. How do you press pause on life when you depend on it so heavily? As each day goes by, I try to understand what that might look like for me. How can I live/survive, take care of my home and responsibilities; how to live in simplicity…

As I approach the end of the year, I try to stay uplifted and positive as I continue to do for others. Keeping busy helps redirect the emotions that it’s almost been a year. Some days it feels as if I’m still in the first 24 hours and others seems like an eternity ago; but I keep pressing on. As we’re in the season and spirit of giving, don’t just give tangibly. Love up on those around you, mend those broken or not talked about relationships, extend your time and energy to someone that might need it for whatever reason. We’re placed here with plan and purpose. Let’s fulfill it without regret.

I pray that everyone has a wonderfully blessed remaining 2015. I’ll see you in 2016!!!!!

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Hi ladies. I hope each of you had a great Thanksgiving! Indeed its Friday and I started to feel guilty about allowing another Friday to go by and not say something. Truth is, life has taken its toll and the desire to write and inspire others just hasn’t found its way to this blog for me, when I’m in need of some inspiring myself.

In life we (I) can walk through daily life with blinders on. Only seeing that which I want to see and imagining the rough areas to be “okay” when truly things are falling apart. I can convince myself that this is just a bad day and tomorrow will bring the blinders of ignoring what happened the day before. I can use blinders to to blur the reality of whats going on around me. I can use blinders to shield my heart from true emotions. Yes, I understand that this is a horrible thing and to just keep things honest I am embarrassed by it, but its all true. I use blinders.


So just know that your GIRLFRIEND. is working on it. Its been hard for some to accept it because they’re so used to them, that they can’t tell the real from the fake. They simply don’t know if this is just a phase or a completely new me (and how long it will last). A part of my healing/deliverance is to accept the reality – I’m a imperfect Christian, that has gone through life with blinders.

Ladies your GIRLFRIEND. could really use your prayers and support. So please in your private time with God whisper my name (Tamara).

I thank you all in advance for your prayers and hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for your time and lending ears/eyes.

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One Step Closer…

Happy Wednesday Girlfriends! I apologize in advance for my post being short in length today. My final major project for class is due this week and I have yet to start! Pray my strength!

I was going thru some of my old posts and ran across Moving Forward from March. As I read thru the post, it brought back so many memories and truly showed me how far my family has come just from the beginning of this year. We aren’t officially home owners yet, (somebody scream YET) but we are working hard and getting closer and closer to our goal. So I can stop right there and praise my Father just for that! Thank you Lord for being one stop closer!!! Hallelujah and Amen! The process has not been easy, but I do not expect it to be. Anything worth having in life you should have to work for. If it came easy you wouldn’t appreciate it as much, right?

As this year is quickly coming to an end, I challenge you to reflect back over 2015 and see how far you’ve come. Have you accomplished those goals you set in January? If not are you getting closer to them or have you just forgotten about them altogether? It’s not too late to pick them back up! Re-evaluate, come up with a strategy, start vision casting for 2016. Then activate your faith, put your trust in the Almighty Father, and know that if it is in His perfect will for your life, then it shall come to pass!

Then the Lord answered me and said, “Write the vision and engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets so that the one who reads it will run. ~Habakkuk 2:2 AMP

Peace & Blessings,

 sig KT

One Step Closer

Mr. & Mrs. Phillips, Future Homeowners

#FMF – Yummy Recipes

#FMF: Yummy Recipes

Yummy Recipes – (of food) delicious, a set of instructions for preparing a particular dish, including a list of the ingredients required.

TGIF ladies! As you know, it is 12 days until Thanksgiving Day! This year I’ll be helping my mom cook at her house. I know I know, I just recently moved and it would only seem fitting that we cook at my house BUT there’s just something about being at my mom’s house and cooking that I feel is almost a tradition in itself! I get so excited just thinking about all the wonderful eats & treats and being in the kitchen with my mom. We start on Thanksgiving Eve with prepping the turkey for overnight/early morning baking and we go ahead and prep all the other odds-and-ins (such as dicing onions and peppers, boiling eggs, etc.) that will make cooking the Thanksgiving fixings a breeze the next morning. The kitchen conversations are always memories of my grandmothers (both deceased) and how they used to cook for the holidays. Then once my brother comes, the conversations shift to mapping out our Black Friday plans of attack LOL!

But today, I want YOU my dear girlfriends to “fill me” with your most yummy recipes! I’m always looking for new recipes. And just to get this Yummy Recipe Exchange started, I want to share with you this oh-so-yummy recipe that’s a go-to in my book! Many of you have seen it before anytime you’ve purchased Mueller’s brand elbow noodles.



So please, please, please join me on this Yummy Recipe Exchange!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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