“I am a Tera Boll Ritr”

Good day I am back again, this week I have a few questions related to parenting and school. So yesterday I was helping my six year old with her homework. Every month she comes home with a monthly homework calendar in which she can complete in her own time. With that being said, sometimes we follow the calendar day by day and other times we may complete a few days worth at a time (usually depends on her mood and the little one). Last night she had the task of completing a reading response to a book she had just read. The book reading, no big deal, she has been a strong reader, but the writing………is a different story. Though she is six, I try to encourage her to use her resources (besides me) when trying to spell, for example, using the book she has read, the Ipad and even my phone (she has definitely asked Siri a few times how to spell something. Question #1: is that too much?!?! My sour patch kid (you have to know her to understand the true reference) does a great job spelling phonetically, though she does not read this way. Let me explain, with writing the word MOVE she may write it as M-U-V or M-O-O-V, but in reading she will read it correctly. As the sole person helping with homework I find that I am getting so frustrated with this. I found myself saying, “Hunay you just read this word, why would you spell it like this?” which at this point, homework is not productive, not only have I hurt her feelings, but to her, I also took a jab at her confidence. Question #2: what can I do to help the homework process? Personally, writing has ALWAYS been a challenge for me, and I HATE proof reading my own stuff. I will see what I want to see, (hey, that applies to my life too sometimes, IJS) so this may hinder my ability to help her too. Perhaps she’s just distracted during homework time, there is often a 2 year old little boy hanging from her chair or snatching her pencil. Which I do try to get her set up and instructions given with homework first and then find something for him to do, but often times I’m juggling them both. Lets just say at the end of homework time yesterday while I was on the kitchen floor with the little prince doing fridge phonics, I received this paper airplane letter.


Anyone with experience or tips please helps us!!!!


sig LP

Faith Walk

I was going to go a completely different route with my post this week, but never could sit down and put the words on paper…now I know why. Something else needed to be said this week, I needed to pencil out my frustrations, start practicing what I preach so to speak, and truly take a big step in my faith walk.

Faith Walk

This week I was hit with a whammy of a test. I’m looking back like where did that come from? Deep breath, okay you can do this. I was just getting myself together and making adjustments as needed and then wham here comes part 2 of the test. First instinct is always to fall apart, have a woo is me moment, asking the Lord why me? Why now? You know all that I’ve been through and I just really can’t deal with this right now. Or more like I do not want to deal with this right now, not today. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm….. Mind you I said first instinct.

Now here comes Sista Emotional and she’s turning on the tears and the fear BIG TIME!!! Get it out girl and then get yourself together! Inhale…Exhale…Breath… Now is not the time to get bent all out of shape and have a pity party, now is the time to activate that faith that you speak so strongly of. Now is the time to really put your money where your mouth is. You had your moment yes, now it’s time to let that go and turn to your Father in Heaven and allow Him to strengthen you, keep you and give you the courage to press through the test.

My Pastor just spoke about drinking from your cup in his message on Sunday. In Matthew 26:42 Jesus prayed a sincere prayer “O My Father, if this cup cannot pass from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done”. Here Jesus is speaking of his soon to be brutal death and crucifixion. He in the fleshly man did not want to go through with it, but His spirit man knew there was purpose to be fulfilled and therefore He surrendered His will to His Father’s and drank from His cup. At this moment I need to pray the same prayer. Father if this cup cannot pass from me in this season unless I drink from it, Your will be done. I made the declaration on Sunday that whatever cup was sat out before me, no matter the size, I would drink from it and surrender my will to my Father’s. I just didn’t know He was going to put me to the test so quickly lol!

Although I do not know how this situation is going to work out, I am confident in knowing that my Father has it all in control and that it is just a part of His purpose and plan for my life. And now is where I take the spot light off of me and flip it to you. I encourage you to drink from your cup, no matter what it is, trust that our Father in Heaven has poured exactly what He wanted you to have. And after you take that first sip, close your eyes, swallow, feel it flowing through your veins…now open your eyes, put a smile on your face and walk boldly in your faith, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Peace & Blessings,

sig KT

#FMF: Desire

Desire: a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen

Psalm 37:4

Who Are You?

That’s the question Christina Marie asked yesterday in her blog post entitled Tunnel Vision. After reading her post, there was the question- Who are you? I sat in awkward silence for a minute and then thought well shoot do I even know me? I mean I know that I’m the daughter of Antoinette & Parker, big sister to Chad, wife to Jonathan, mother to Jaidyn, Jordyn, & Gavin, and best friend to my GIRLFRIENDS. But really who am I? I know what I enjoy – learning about Jesus, singing, designing, and planning. I know that I’m a people pleaser. So now what? Does this define who I am? When I stare in the mirror am I proud? Honestly, heck no! But rather than beat myself up in this post on all the things that make me unhappy about myself, I’ll flip it and talk about my desires. What I desire to be… a better Christian, a more lovable & enjoyable wife and mother (admittedly I’m the serious one). I desire a healthier, more attractive weight, my own successful business, and downright wealth. I desire to not be hindered by anyone or anything when it comes to the things that family and I want to go and do. I certainly desire that money will no longer be a factor. But does any of this define me? I guess today is just one of those days where I’m like Lord I need you! I’m just not feeling myself these days- help me! And truthfully I believe He will. I desire the day that I will look back at this post and it becomes my testimony, on how God brought me out and granted me the desires of my heart.

Delight yourself in the Lord, And He will give you the desires and petitions of your heart. ~Psalm 37:4

What are the desires of your heart? Do you know who you are? Why wait another 8 weeks to start embarking on New Year’s resolutions when you can talk to God right here, right now about it? He’s always listening and He desires our attention.

I pray this hasn’t dampened anyone’s day but motivated you to start speaking from your heart to God. As I close this post, I’m already feeling better, feeling more alive, feeling determined.

*special note: If you desire to have the GIRLFRIENDS. pray with you on any situation and/or matter please submit your prayer request to the Let Us Pray tab at the top of the blog.

Have a blessed weekend ladies!

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What Have You Missed?


The fight between me and the blankets starts early tonight. The hot, cold, fan on fan off entertainment of the evening as I attempt to restore the energy the day before drained me of, I “sleep”. Excited about this extra hour of rest I so deeply deserve on this Sunday morning. The alarm goes off of course just when the sleep was getting good, when the battles and entertainment of the right temperature settled. I hit the snooze button on my phone. Ugh…..alarm again, this time its my second alarm, I dread over sleeping for work. That alarm one more time, YES!!!!! 2 more minutes, (yes, I’m that girl). Finally I get up, do my morning routine before work, as I’m locking my door I notice my “little old man” neighbor isn’t awake yet hmmm…..I proceed to the car. As I make my way to the main road I check my clock in the car, I intentionally have set it 4-5 min fast it helps with my tardiness. So it roughly matches my phone’s time. I think to myself, Oh wow, I didn’t know my car will automatically reset my clock, must be that last service update I received at the dealership. I make my way to the highway and of course it’s not busy at all, it usually isn’t on an early Sunday morning, but I found the cars to be more scarce today, I take a look at the time again, I’m good on time, wait is this the right time?! I laugh, yea it’s the right time, your phone does the switch automatically. I just keep driving as Dory’ s little voice plays “Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming”, you’d only understand if you’ve seen “Finding Nemo”. Anyways I get off at my exit and turn into the parking garage. What!? why the heck is the guard down? I pull out my badge and wave it in front of the pad around and around I go, I hit the third floor and see a FEW people getting out of their cars, again not unusual it is Sunday. Fourth floor………..EMPTY, now this is unusual, I park close to the stairwell and now I am concerned. I look at my time on my phone again, I try to go on WRAL and check the time there, I only see the current outside temperature and that took forever to come up, Sprint and it’s service. I turn off the phone and then turn it back on. 5:27am stuns my screen, no freaky way!!!!! My phone didn’t reset the time, I’m at work an hour early, no point in going back home to lay down, though my bed would love to have me. After the frustration dies down, I laugh at myself, another car pulls up beside me, I find myself seeping into my chair trying not to be seen, but then think to myself, heck, you made the same mistake I did, LOL. I reach for my makeup bag, planning to do a full beat face since I have all this extra time. As my eye shadow brush strokes my eyelid I ask the Lord, why? why would you have me wake up sooooo early, knowing how tired I was?…….I received this very clearly, PAY ATTENTION, DON’T MISS THE SIGNS. I know this particular situation, arriving somewhere an hour early in minute, but the lesson is BIG. How often do we see the signs and ignore them? At times we even have a “feeling” an intuition about something, discernment and still miss it or chose to ignore them. Until next time good people, PAY ATTENTION, DON’T MISS THE SIGNS.


sig LP

Getting Back Focused

Focused2Are you a part of the 8, the 3 or the 1?

I know you are like, “what is she talking about now?” LOL! This was the question my Pastor used to close out his sermon this Sunday titled “The Exceptional Few” from his new series “Extraordinary Focus.”

During his sermon he spoke about Jesus’ journey to the garden of Gethsemane in Matthew 26:36-46 and the roles in which His disciples played.  At the time there were only 11 disciples with Jesus in the garden as Judas had already separated from the group to go and betray Jesus. So he would be the 1, Judas “the nonessential”.  Jesus told Peter, James and John (3, the Inner Circle) to come with Him and asked the others to sit there and watch while He went to pray.  So Jesus told the 8 “the Close” to stay behind to watch out for the betrayer. The close (the 8) were still a part of Jesus’ disciples, He had a bond with them, but needed them to stay where they were while He went further to pray, but couldn’t stay awake not even an hour to obey the Master’s request. He asked His inner circle (the 3) to come along with Him to pray. They were the 3 that He had the tightest bond with and often went with Him to perform miracles. He kept them closer than the others. I hope you are catching the drift of the story. And then there is Judas (the 1), the betrayer, who sold Jesus out for 30 pieces of silver. Hmmmm. Let that sink in for a minute.

I won’t go any further into the sermon, if you desire to hear it feel free to look up VisitMRC on Ustream, but I just wanted to share what this message meant to me. It really hit home and stung a little. But that’s good though, the convicting Word is the best Word in my book. It challenges me to do better, to evaluate areas that need work, it petitions me to draw closer to the Lord. The whole ride home Sunday all I could think about was truly being honest with myself and figuring out which category I fall in…the close (8)…the inner circle (3)….or the nonessential (1). Sure first instinct is to say I’m a part of the inner circle, but then reality sets in and I confess that I’m not there yet. There are SO many areas that I need to improve in to strengthen my relationship with Christ. I truly desire to be in His inner circle, one that He can ALWAYS count on no matter what!

So what’s stopping me? DISTRACTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Point. Blank. Period. A bunch of nothing! How many hours do we waste doing nothing in a week? How often to do we scroll thru Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, etc. when that time could be put towards deeper personal Bible study or prayer time? I had to be honest with myself and say hey I waste entirely too much time doing nothing. I need to get back focused on the things that matter the most and the top of the list is my relationship with Christ. I need to get my fire back, let go of the nonsense and push forward to be all about Kingdom business. I need to get refocused in other areas as well and really evaluate things that are needed at this time and others that need to be put on the back burner. I don’t ever want to be too tired from the ins and outs of my day to spend intimate time with Him. And neither should you. So now I flip this thing around and ask you…

Are you a part of the 8, the 3 or the 1?

Peace & Blessings,

 sig KT

Year One…


Hey luvs!!!! It’s been a few days, but I’m here today. Have you ever had a moment when you’re just not “feeling it”??? Yea that’s been me the last few weeks…just been in that BLAH feeling. Then one day while at work, cleaning papers off the desk and came across notes that I took last year when talking to the doctors and trying to understand medical terminology. It dampened the mood a little, but not for long. After work, I celebrated with one of his favorite drinks…San Pellegrino Blood Orange drink (even though I don’t drink carbonated beverages). I’m so excited about the small things these days. He may not be here in the physical, but the memories are just as good. Have a happy and blessed Tuesday!


sig EF


I’m giving a special shout out to my baby brother…today’s his 18th birthday!!!!! (can we say photo-bombing lol but I SOOOOO luv luv luv this picture!)anthony

#FMF: Excitement!

Excitement – a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness

The Planner’s Final Countdown

Happy Friday chicas! Today’s post is brought to you by “the planner” me!! Time is truly flying and if you don’t believe me…. Let me just share a few things with you on today.

Here’s the Final Countdown to the next Holidays through the end of the year as of this morning around 8:50ish (that my family celebrates). And yes Black Friday is a holiday/family tradition for us… it’s a family shopping event for our whole family (stop judging!).


So with that being said I’ve got to get into PLANNING MODE… I’m only 20 days out from my dad’s birthday, 21 days from local Christmas Parade, 26 days from Thanksgiving, 27 days from Black Friday, 34 days from MY BIRTHDAY, 46 days from having a 4 year old (tear), and 55 days from JESUS’ birthday-woohoo. (Wipes sweat from forehead) anybody else tired with me! That’s a lot of planning and decorating to get organized! And just so you know… I’m soooo friggin’ excited about it! (I’m a sucker for this time of the year!)

Now ladies, have you started planning out your Holidays? Shopping Lists?? Family Traditions??? Now’s the time to get started! Good news is, I plan to share some of my tips and lists with you in hopes to #1- get you motivated, #2- get you organized, and #3- get you setup for well-planned (minimal-to-no stress) Holiday events! Are you getting excited? (eyes-closed… please say YES lol) Now, I don’t want to make this solely about “me” and what I have to offer… I’m looking for YOU to share with me and all of us GIRLFRIENDS- your traditions, best tips, fun themes, and even Holiday challenges too! SO DON’T BE SHY and “click that comment link” to tell us all about it!

I look forward to making Holiday memories with my family and my girlfriends!

Have a wonderful weekend and remember to turn your clocks back 1 hour before going to bed on tomorrow!

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T-n-T “Trust in Transition”

The alarm clock once again beat me eye lids this morning. Time to get up, time to get the kids up, fed and dressed. Unlock the door, lock the door, unlock the car door, get the kids buckled up, lock the door, start the car and we’re off. Our “usual” routine, now occasionally……..actually more often than I care to admit, there will be a little hitch in there, someone doesn’t want to get up, the other doesn’t like their outfit or breakfast and at times everyone decides it’s Saturday on a Tuesday. For the most part, I know what to expect, but what about those times when I don’t, when you don’t. The times when you have made a decision, a change, with an intended goal, but have no idea if the outcome will be what you intended it to be. That in between phase, the space before time catches up with what God has said. You know, that wait upon the Lord place, the period of Transition. Transition, defined as “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.”
Transition sometimes can be uncomfortable, uncertain probably because it’s a change from the current, what we know. Whether that’s a job, a new move, new relationship, or even a new position or title, just to name a few. Us GIRLFRIENDS have been experiencing different transitions. One transition in particular for me, was moving out of my parents house. The day of the move I had so much anxiety…..when I think about it I had anxiety even before (I had not packed a thing), granted I was recovering from being ill and had just returned back from NY….oh and I just turned 30 as well (another transition). As my mom and I approached the Uhaul store, she asked me if I was ready and I burst out in tears in the parking lot, I mean that ugly cry, lol. I couldn’t help but think about all of which I was leaving or wouldn’t have anymore, do I have what it takes to “make it” and feeling overwhelmed because failing isn’t even an option, two little people depend on me. I say all this to say that is often how we are when in transition, we don’t stay focused, too busy looking back or looking at what we believe we’re losing that we completely discredit God. We miss that God has given and will give us everything that’s necessary to move to the next level. Remember in Daniel 2:21 it says “…He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning”……that’s us!!! Now sometimes because we lack to prepare when God first gives us the inclination for change, we then “suffer” with the extra anxiety, like myself and moving, and yes there will be bumps that arise during the journey, the spiritual realms of who you were and who you are going to now be collide during the transition and the bump in the road may feel like your whole world is crumbling, but rest assured it is just the process. What I would encourage during transitioning is to realize that God is present, yes your comfort zone is cozy, but you can’t stay there forever. Trust God, trust the confirmation you have received, have faith that though it doesn’t completely add up, God will grant the rest.



sig LP