A Piece of Me

Happy Friday ladies!

Today is certainly bittersweet, well actually this time of the year is simply bittersweet to put it lightly. So May 7th is my mom’s birthday, May 8th is my (paternal) grandmother’s birthday, and then of course its always followed by Mother’s Day weekend. My (maternal) grandmother passed away 17yrs ago and things changed quite abit for us when it came to celebrating Mother’s Day. My mom just didn’t have the urge to want to celebrate anymore, we didn’t visit the grave, we didn’t go to church, we really didn’t talk much about the fact that it was “Mother’s Day.” Some number of years passed and my dad’s family started a family beach tradition that took place during Mother’s Day weekend. Well since my mom’s and grandma’s birthdays were a day apart, my mom was finally convinced to start joining the beach trip. And as time and life would have it, my (paternal) grandmother passed away October 2012. So today I share with you a few words I have written for her…

Piece of Me 5.8.15


And I would also like to take this moment to wish all the moms and especially my backbone, my rock, my everything (even though I don’t let her know it lol), my MOM the most wonderful and Happy Mother’s Day!

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Nurses Week

Nurses 5.7.15Hi ladies…I just want to take the time out to acknowledge National Nurses Week starting May 6th thru May 12th. Please take a moment and go with me on this journey…

Good Morning, my name is LaTasha, and I will be taking care of you today.  I reach out to shake the hand of your loved one and notice the puffiness in her eyes and the burdened stance that she takes.  I recall my prayer unto the Lord as I walked in this morning. “Lord, let the interactions that I have with my patients and their families be pleasing unto you.” As I scan the room, we’re maxed out vasopressors, glance at my monitor, “ah man”, my vitals, I mean….my patients vitals….your loved one’s vitals, not so good.  I take the deepest breath I can get without my posture changing because I know you’re seated to feed from me right now and I don’t want to make you uneasy. I kindly offer the basic things: food, water, light/no light and mention I will be back in just a moment and close the door behind me. This is the day…

Dear Family,

    This is the day I am here to serve you.  Can I hold your hand, rub your back or simply sit beside you.  Any phone calls I can make for you? This has got to be the hardest one to make.  I offer you an opened box of tissues, I took the first one.  Tears stream down your face and history plays just as fast. Those good ol’ times and what they mean to you. You speak from a full heart all those things you want them to be assured about. I want you to know I already prayed for you, for your mother, father, sister, brother, child as I walked in this morning.  When I shook your hand this morning to introduce myself, I asked Jehovah Shalom to rest in this place. As I look around in the room and see the signs of absence in this world approaching, I’m preparing “me” for them in the bed and you.  There’s never a day when I’m numb as a nurse and it won’t start today either.  I ask you what you need, not really knowing a thing that I may do to give you what is truly desired at this time.Should I leave? So do I stay? Sure…I can do that.  Hold you, sure….but don’t mind the tremor you feel as I embrace and hold you up. A sob is taking place that I’m silencing to “be strong” for you right now. Nature calls so you exit to the restroom and its now your love and MY patient. Remember when I entered the room and I saw “my vitals” weren’t stable, I serve as if it were me, my blood in that bed. The alcohol gel has removed the visible oil from my hands, but there’s still a faint smell of frankincense from the anointing oil. Its my turn to plead with the Lord on behalf of your beloved. In doing so, I also know that God has a plan and it is perfect, HIS will. You return and know the time is nigh. Again I am here, the best I can be, I think to myself… did I nod off the day in nursing school when the instructor taught this part. Knowing that THIS can’t be taught. The emotional responsibility for others, for you, on this day…..no one can teach. I am here to serve you,as I care for my patient, your Love, what do you need from me?

sig LP

Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

I remember as a child whenever I would get in trouble or knew that I had done something wrong, I would always write you a letter to apologize, in hopes to get back into your good graces. Today I want to write you a letter, not to get back on your good side, but to let you know how appreciative I am to have a mother like you.

Growing up I never really understood some of the decisions you made and would even get upset if I was not allowed to do something I had asked. Now that I am now a mother, of a daughter, I completely understand that you did not mean any ill intent behind those decisions, but you were looking out for my best interest and essentially molding me into the woman that I am today. I’ve often had friends or acquaintances say how they admire the relationship that we have. I am thankful to have a mother that I can go to and talk about anything, although I may not always bother you with my problems. Even still I am grateful that the option is there and that I know that I have someone cheering me on. Thank you for always being a supportive mother, even when you knew the decisions I chose to make were going to back fire on me. I don’t know how many times I have said or thought “If I would have just listened to Mama”. There are so many mistakes that could have been avoided in my life if I just would have listened, however I am grateful that you were always there to help me pick up the pieces and move forward without making me feel like a complete failure.

Thank you for putting me and my sister first in your life, after Christ of course, and for making many sacrifices so that we would excel. One of the biggest sacrifices you made was putting yourself and your own dreams on the backburner. As you tell me things as an adult of how you struggled to make ends meet, to provide for my sister and I, I am just in awe. Growing up I never knew all that went on behind closed doors, the tears you cried, the prayers you prayed just so that we would make it one day. I want you to know that it does not go unnoticed and again I want to say thank you. I pray that all that you poured into me will be restored back to you. These days you don’t find many parents that give up their own lives and own desires to raise their children. Thank you Lord for blessing me with a Mama that put her all into just that, being a mother!

One of the greatest days of my life was when I gave birth to Sweet Pea. You were right there with me when she first made her entrance into the world and have been there every step of the way the past 3 years. I could never repay you for all that you have done for her and how much of a tremendous blessing you have been to Hubby and me. Although I often joke with you that I was only the surrogate and you are really her mother (LOL) I am grateful that she has the opportunity to bond and develop a great relationship with you, her Nana (or GaGa as she likes to call you lol). I absolutely LOVE watching you all laugh and play together. I just hope that I can be half the mother to her that you have been to me. I hope that I make you proud with the decisions I make as her mother now and years to come. So again I want to say thank you for being a great Nana to my baby, and loving and caring for her like she was your own.

My prayers are that now we can take care of you. I don’t want you to have to worry about anything; you have done that for far too long. My prayers are that the Lord will open the windows of Heaven and pour you out a blessing, that you will not have room enough to receive them!! I know that no one is perfect, but I thank you for being the perfect example of the kind of mother I desire to be to my Sweet Pea. I could continue this letter on for many more paragraphs (I’ll spare the readers lol) of how thankful I am for all that you have been and are to me. The best way I know to thank you is by showing you just how much I love and appreciate you! Happy Mother’s Day Ma!!! Thank you for being the BEST mother to grace this side of Heaven. I hope that this day, as well as every day is just as special as you are to me!! I Love you!!!

With Love,

sig KT

Children, obey your parents in the Lord [as His representatives], for this is just and right.Honor (esteem and value as precious) your father and your mother—this is the first commandment with a promise That all may be well with you and that you may live long on the earth. ~ Ephesians 6:1-3 (AMP)

Year One…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!! While some are out celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Taco Tuesday, having a nice cold one, I’m home with my many thoughts. I watched a mini marathon of a show called Married at First Sight. Not really sure why, but it was interesting to say the least. I could only think of some of the challenges that we experienced as a couple like dealing with distance and communication. It will be five months tomorrow. They say time will heal, but I haven’t gotten to that point yet. It seems like there is always something throughout the day that reminds me of what I don’t have. Enjoy each day, live life on and with purpose, laugh often, and love those you care about no matter the circumstance.

Until next time…

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Have you ever had so many thoughts at once you even thought your mind might EXPLODE?

I love that I have been blessed with an interest in so many different areas of life. I love that I like to explore all types of arenas from: art, sewing, web design, graphics, cooking, baking, decorating… and this list just seems to be never ending. But, my issue is finding (or making) time to see if I’m even any good at any of them. I mean I would love to “toot my own horn” and say God has blessed me with limitless talents that I’m a master at all of them but that’s just not the case (that I know of). Life can be so busy with work, kids, homework, sports, dinner, baths, laundry… that there never seems to be enough time for personal extracurricular activities or crafts. I mean truthfully I’ve been buying a sewing machine now for about 3 years and I even have fabric and thread but just haven’t been able to fully explore sewing yet. I did get a Kitchenaid stand mixer last year for Mother’s Day and kept telling the hubs about all the wonderful things I would do with it… well lets see I’ve made about 2 dozen cupcakes, 2 batches of cookie dough, a batch of icing, a batch of buttercream frosting, and have shredded chicken once with it. I could blame it on Pinterest, but I won’t LOL.

I think for me, in finding my purpose and identity with wedding and event planning, I get caught up on what great “thing” can I make or build that will be the next big trend. Or as a wife and mother, on what new organization tips and tricks I can implement that will benefit our family best, that gives me that “mother/wife of the year” satisfaction. I’m trying to achieve success within myself, I consume soooo many thoughts, ideas, dreams, and desires that I literally think my mind may explode. On those particular days (funny how God works) it never fails that one my GIRLFRIENDS hits me up just to check in and I get that moment of release. We don’t necessarily discuss what may be on our minds but we talk about things that either pull me away from those thoughts or gives me clarity on focusing on whats important at that moment in time.

So ladies I’m sharing all of this just to say don’t allow yourself to get so consumed with thoughts that you think your mind may explode. If you don’t think it has happened to you, consider the day you drove home and once you got home, you couldn’t even remember which streets you turned on to get there, nor if any of the traffic lights were red… That’s at the point that I’m speaking of. Just let go and let God!

Enjoy your weekend ladies!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” -Prov. 3:5-6

sig TW

Pretty Hurts

Last night my husband and I were discussing some challenges that our 13 year old daughter is facing. He explained to me all that her mother said she has been experiencing in school, amongst her peers and ultimately how she views herself. We all went thru it as teenagers, not feeling as pretty or adequate enough to fit in with the “in crowd”. Not you, okay that’s cool, good for you, but that discussion reminded me of another teenage girl, or adult, that went thru similar challenges…me.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve always been on the plump side. I came into this world 8lbs 1ounce and now weigh over 200lbs. (I’m not ready to share the exact number, just know it’s not near 300lbs lol). I was always the “big friend” in my circle of friends growing up and still carry that trophy now. I would like to think that it doesn’t really bother me as much now as I am learning to love the skin I’m in, however that have been times or days where I just didn’t feel pretty. Going shopping with friends that were considerably smaller than me was sometimes a challenge. I felt like people were staring at me like why is that big girl in this store, she knows she can’t wear anything in here. More than likely that thought was all in my head and no one cared that I was in the store, it was all internal. It was how I viewed myself, how I desired to be petite so that I would feel pretty. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

I love the movement of the plus sized girl or woman now. It teaches our young girls to love themselves no matter what size you are. The Lord did not intend for everyone to be the same size or shape, if we did it would be quite a boring world.

13 For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. 14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well. ~Psalm 139:13-14

God designed us in His own image. We are tailor made to be unique in our own right! Now don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating for an unhealthy lifestyle. We must make sure that we are taking care of our temples, no matter what size we are. Regardless if you are short, tall, fat or skinny; whatever size you are, love it and own it honey!! I tell people all the time, learn how to dress your body type. A fly outfit that’s accentuates my curves just the right way, always boosts my confidence level; especially when I am having an “I’m fat” day. Even though that seems to help the principle that I want to leave with you today is that it starts first internally. Our outward appearance will always vary, beauty will at some point fade away, but our self-esteem or confidence will always be with us.

I cannot wait to see my stepdaughter next weekend. I’m going to make sure to love on her and tell her just how beautiful she in inside and out. I’m going to let her know that you never let someone take from you something that they never gave in the first place. Yes pretty can hurt sometimes, but only when you place it in the wrong hands.

sig KT

Adventures of my new hobby…Baby Shower Edition

Happy Tuesday GFs!!!!! I hope everyone had a wonderfully blessed weekend because I did!!! lol So let’s talk about baby showers…because that’s what I did this past Saturday. I had the pleasure of putting together and hosting a baby shower for my sister-cousin. Her sister and I put out heads together along with a few Pinterest pins and created a nice, yet simple shower that turned out lovely if I do say so myself lol! There wasn’t a theme just color and print inspired. Because she’s not “girly” we used lilac and light gray with a chevron print. I found a great (FREE) website called The Little Umbrella that have a (FREE) chevron collection and allowed me to customize to our personal color pallet. Everything from invitations, banners, notecards, favor tags, to thank you’s and games. Very helpful for a one stop shop with the stationary you need. With the limitations of the space that we rented for the shower, the decorations remained to a minimum. The small metal tins came from Target and the pom poms from Party City.

With all of that being said….this also gave me the ultimate chance to be creative and…bake bake bake!!!!! I decided to make dessert stands. All of my materials came from the Dollar Tree. I used various plates like these and these. I used candle holders like these and other vases like these. When it came to my cookies…I used baby themed cookie cutters like these. Needless to say I did a big batch (at least 40 cookies) and decorating was time consuming, but they were gorgeous! Along with the cookies, I made cake pops and candy coated rice krispie treats. I was thoroughly please with the end result and got some great complements on my creations (go me!). We also ordered a cake from Sugar Buzz Bakery (can we say yum yum!). Great turnout, great success. Baby Morgan is one prepared lady 🙂

Let me know what you think…until next time…


sig EF