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Upward and Onward

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Finally I did it. Freedom has been granted. Thank you Jesus!!! You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. Well Girlfriends after 10 long years (11 counting my internship) I was blessed to turn in my resignation from my job.  Surprised??? Yeah I know I was just recently talking about celebrating the milestone of 10 years on the same job in 10 Years Later… , and believe me I have, but God has opened a door to where I can finally be free from the cage that I’ve felt like I was stuck in for so long. I can’t even begin to describe the freedom that I feel. I’ll have to admit I was a little nervous walking into my boss’s office to hand him that letter, but I walked out with a great sigh of relief and a major praise on my lips!!!

So what’s next you ask? My last official day was on the 7th (yeah I know I kept a secret from you all lol) and I have now been blessed with a great opportunity with another company. I always said that I even though I was unhappy with my position at the last job that I would not leave unless the right (Heaven sent) position came along. And to God be the glory I can finally say that position has come! I’ve only been on the job a few days, but so far it has been nothing but good. The opportunity for growth that I so desperately desired and wanted is now right before me. Now it’s just up to me to continue to grow and mature within the industry and allow the Lord to lead me as He sees fit! The sky is the limit girlfriends and I am ready for the ride!!! Can you feel my excitement????????

Not only have I recently started a new job, but I also started my graduate certificate program last week. Chile, I took one look at that syllabus my professor sent and thought, wait a minute am I sure this is what I want to do LOL! But that recently deposited tuition payment reminded me that I had no choice at this point! All jokes aside, I am super excited about starting this program and am actually ready for the challenge that it will present. The content of the class and coursework peaks my interest and now that I’m older (and not a silly teenager rushing thru work to get to a party) I’m confident that I will excel and it is my mission to maintain a 4.0 GPA throughout the duration of this program. I need your prayers!!! And speaking of prayers (lol) I’ve recently received a new ministry position that I’m super excited about too. (I’ll share more details later) Yeah I know what you are thinking, how am I going to handle it all? To be honest I don’t know LOL! But I’ll get thru it all without anything lacking. It’s all about balance and having a good day planner!

God is truly doing some amazing things in my life right now! This is definitely my season of new and elevation! I’ve always been told to be careful what you wish or pray for, and they ain’t neva lied!!! I got exactly what I asked for and then some lol. But I’m not mad, I’m forever grateful for each and every opportunity. I know that there are challenges ahead of me as I learn to balance everything, but if done properly I know that I will be successful at all of it. So it’s upward and onward from here, there’s no looking back now!

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.” Jeremiah 29:11 AMP

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I Love My Selfie

Cute outfit, perfect lighting, lip stick/gloss poppin, movie star teeth, SMILE, pose for the camera now CLICK CLICK!! I know my fellow Beyoncé fans immediately started singing Get Me Bodied after that LOLOL!! (Yeah me too, I am yet being delivered lol) Getting back on track…We all love a good selfie, right? Whether you have on a cute outfit or a fresh new do and you’re feeling yourself or you just finished working out and wanted to capture that workout glow, we’ve all been guilty of taking several selfie shots until we find that perfect one to post. Nothing is wrong with that, gon head with your bad “selfie” girl! 🙂 However (here she goes again) there is a negative side to the selfie craze.

It’s not so much the pictures that get on my nerves (although some of the pictures get on my nerves too), it’s more so of the hashtags that appear under the pictures. Now I’m all for self-love and uplifting yourself (as we discussed last week in Beauty Is…) but sometimes I think that some people think a little too much of themselves and the hashtags make them appear very arrogant and somewhat condescending over others. I’ve seen hashtags from #GetOnMyLevel or #GetLikeMe to #YallCantSitWithMe or #ImFlawless and things of the sort. My question then becomes, who said I wanted to get on “your level” and furthermore what is this level that you speak of? Who said that I wanted to be like or sit with you and if I did I may rethink it at this point since you have put yourself on this high pestle. And don’t even get me started on this flawless foolishness, Beyoncé got ya’ll all kinds of confused!! Ha!! Breathe girl LOL! Sorry if I seem really passionate about this because I am. I know it’s your personal page and you have the right to post whatever you want, but on the flip side I still feel like we need to be cognizant of the message we are sending out about ourselves. In my opinion, messages like these are childish and petty. I would expect such behavior as this from teenagers, but grown women? Come on now we should be wayyyy over that phase! What if another woman or young teenage girl is watching you? What if they look up to you and were trying to find a way to come and talk to you but have now shied away from the thought because of your arrogance?

Am I saying that you shouldn’t post selfies with hashtags? Not at all. Post your selfies, love on yourself, but also remember to love on others too. There’s nothing wrong with uplifting another sister while still encouraging yourself. We all have a little arrogance in us; I just feel that it’s just best to keep it to yourself and furthermore pray for God to humble you. Have your little moment, but have it privately. I guess the message I’m trying to push today is that we should be more positive with representing ourselves and more importantly how we represent Christ. Let’s use those selfies and hashtags to encourage a sister, push the Kingdom, and build the body of Christ. Better yet ask God to allow your path, or even better allow your selfie and/or hashtag reach another sister that day that will inspire her instead of tearing her down even further. That’s why we were created anyway, right? #FoodForThought

“The second is like it and is this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:31 AMP

#ILoveMySelfie #LoveTheSkinYoureIn #JesusSaves #HeDidItForMe #HeCanDoItForYou

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Enough Is Enough

Ever had that feeling when you are like “Yo, okay I get it, enough is enough already?!?!?” Yeah so that was me the other day. I had a (more like another) moment of weakness. In my thinking there were some things going on around me that I just didn’t understand and completely agree to. These thoughts stirred up other thoughts which in turn became doubts and anxiety and lead to a very difficult conversation with someone I love dearly.

It is so easy, human nature I guess, to blame what we consider as suffering on the enemy, when in actuality we are not suffering ,we are bearing the consequences of our actions. Deep huh, I can’t take credit for that though, my Pastor recently taught on this concept lol. But it really stuck with me and in the midst of all the craziness that was going on in my head the other day, I had to stop rebuke that negative thinking and realize that I’m not suffering per say, I’m dealing with those consequences of poor decisions. So again I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It’s time to make some changes and move forward.

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace (Who imparts all blessing and favor), who has called you to His (own) eternal glory in Christ Jesus, will Himself complete and make you what you ought to be, establish and ground you securely, and strength and settle you.” 1 Peter 5:10 AMP

Well Hallelujah!!! Praise God for being delivered from my self-inflicted suffering and thank you Lord for settling my spirit so that I could think clearly and make plans to rectify the situation. It wasn’t easy having that talk with my husband, but I was able to get through the discussion without it becoming an argument and we both came to a consensus on a solution. Isn’t it a blessing when you look back over your “enough is enough” moment and see how well you handled it when it could have easily gone another way?  Again I praise you Lord for clarity of thought and for spiritual maturity because in the past moments such as this would have sent me over the top in worry, frustration and anxiety. Instead my feelings of doubt and anxiety turned into strength not because of my own intuition, but because of my relationship with my Father and sensitivity and leading of His Holy Spirit. I’m still growing ya’ll!!! This is a day by day, shoot some days a minute by minute, journey in this Christian walk. However I thank and  praise God for teaching moments just like these that keep me on my toes and continue to accelerate me in my spiritual (and natural) growth.

“(But what of that?) For I consider that the sufferings of this present time (this present life) are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us and for us and conferred on us!” Romans 8:18 AMP

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You know it’s not always easy to blog (for me anyway). I’m at a place in my life where I feel like I’m at a crossroad and majority of my posts are about that…gotta take the good, bad, happy, sad and indifferent. So today is no different lol. I mean I’m a thinker and I think all the time about EVERYTHING! This morning was no different on the drive to work thinking and listening to the radio, it was #NewMusicTuesday and they played a song by Tina Campbell called Destiny. This song right here was right on time. When you’re at a crossroad in life or just need a little reassurance about this thing called LIFE (like I am with my career/job, the emotional struggles of grieving and ready to love and be loved again, relocating to be closer to family/friends but still wanting to go somewhere different), just remember that you have a purpose and no matter what happen on the journey, you’re working towards fulfilling your destiny. It’s not always a smooth paved road along the way, but you always come out better. Just keep pressing…

What gets you over that hump or roadblock? Until next time…

I’ve got a destination
In my view
The road may be bumpy getting there
But I’m pressing through
I will enjoy this journey
No matter come what may
I’ll become better and stronger
And wiser everyday
I’ve got a vision and a purpose
A divine destiny
It may not look like it right now
But faith ain’t what I see
It is the things I hope for
Believing that it will come
And no matter how long it takes
I know GOD’s will shall be done
His will is I prosper
His will is that I win
His will is that I fight on
His will is that I live
He gave me what I needed
When he gave me his son
He gave me hope and a future
He gave me the greatest love
And now that I’ve got Jesus
Helping me along the way
He’s perfecting everything about this ole girl
Making me new in every way
So I’m singing
Hallelujah! I’m not what I used to be
I’m following Jesus everyday
To reach my destiny
I believe I’ll sing it again
Hallelujah! I’m not what I used to be
I’m following Jesus everyday
To reach my destiny
I believe I’ll sing it again
Hallelujah! I’m not what I used to be
I’m following Jesus everyday
To reach my destiny!

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Curly or Straight….Can My Hair Be Great?

Let’s talk hair ladies! So as you can see from our group pictures, I am a naturalista! I’ve been a part of the wonderful “natural” movement from about 3 years now. Well let me back up for a minute. I was actually “natural” until I was 19 years old. My mom did not believe in relaxers and therefore my sister and I went and got fresh press n curls every 2 weeks for $12 LOL!! Well once I got to college, walking across campus with what started as a doobie and ended as a fro was NOT CUTE!! So I went to the salon and got a relaxer, major mistake! I mean I was a slave to the creamy crack! If I didn’t get a relaxer every 6 weeks faithfully I would get nervous and be ready for my puffy roots to become all silky and straight lol.

Some may be wondering what brought me back to the natural world. Well ladies I will be honest, it was not by choice. I had cut all of my hair off; I mean a very cute, sassy, short cut that had me feeling myself. Apparently too much because 4 short weeks after getting it cut, before I could even really enjoy it, I found out I was pregnant with Sweet Pea! Remember I told you my Mama was against relaxers, well that still held to be true and she pretty much forbid me from getting one while pregnant (Here’s a secret, I put in a mild relaxer but it didn’t take. I guess she was right, huh lol) I kept my hair in weave to help with the grow out process during my pregnancy and shortly after giving birth. Once I decided to take out the weave and get it relaxed, what happened, my stylist of about 5 years up and moved to Mississippi (I’m still kinda salty lol) which brings me to my now 3 year natural journey .

I’m learning that there are so many levels and elements to this natural hair thing. Some prefer to wear it straight from a fresh blow out, others rock a fierce twist out, and some prefer to just wash and go just to name a few. I’m not completely sure which way I prefer to wear mine at this point. But I will say this…girlfriends it’s about to get hot so my blowout season is OVER! I recently blew mine out for Mother’s Day and after a few days of working out; I had a mini fro with feathered ends LOL! If you are able to rock your blow out in the heat, more power to you! I just can’t do it. I really don’t like putting heat on my hair more than once a week, if that. So I really think, for me, I should stick to just blowing it out during the fall and winter seasons.

So what’s my style of choice for the hot summer months? Right now I really enjoy rocking a fresh twist out set. I’m not one of those “product junky” natural girls though. I’ve dabbled in a few here or there but I’m not about wasting any money. So far the only products that I really love are Cantu’s entire natural line, Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula shampoo/conditioner and TRESemme’s Natural Nourishing Moisture (with avocado) shampoo/conditioner. Recently after doing my weekly shampoo and conditioner routine, I simply used organic extra virgin refined coconut oil (purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe) and put a dab of Cantu’s Coconut Curling Cream on the ends of my two strand twists to keep it wrapped around the perm rods! This combination is working perfectly so far, as I’m currently rocking a 4 day old twist out that looks amazing (in my opinion). Other products seem to weigh my hair down but the coconut oil gives it just the right amount of moisturizer and bounce that is needed for the perfect twist out results! I have tried a few other styles that I tend to enjoy as well such as a flat twist set or Bantu knot set. The only thing that I do not like about Bantu knots is that they are hard to sleep in, however my fro the next morning is big and bold just the way I like it! My ultimate hair goal is to have my fro as big and full as my hair crush, Tracey Ellis Ross!!! Her hair is always flawless, but then again I guess she has a style team on hand to get hers looking right. A girl can have goals tho, right? lol

Hair Collage

So for all of my natural sistas out there, which way do you prefer to wear your hair in preparation for the upcoming summer heat? Are there any products (reasonably priced) out there that I should consider using? Your thoughts and/or suggestions are appreciated! 🙂

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Living Single

We all remember the hit sitcom Living Single, from the 90’s, which followed the story of 4 girlfriends. (Common theme lol) Remember Khadijah the CEO and founder of Flava Magazine, Maxine Shaw, Attorney at Law, Regine the buyer for a boutique destined to find her millionaire, and we can’t forget cousin Sinclaire, receptionist turned actor. This was (and still is) one of my favorite shows from back in the day. I have recently been watching reruns of the show and although there was some comic relief in the show, I’m grasping a different concept from the lives of these women. (Here I go being deep again lol)

When this show originally aired I was a child or teenager and never really paid any attention to the significance of the lives these characters portrayed. Here we have 4 single, successful, professional 20-something year old women. Did you catch that? Yes all 4 characters were in their late 20s and making major moves! This made me reflect over my life and the things that I may or may not have accomplished while “living single”. I wish that I would have taken advantage of my singlehood and truly lived it up before becoming a “Mrs”. Now don’t get me wrong I love my husband and our life as a family, but I also see missed opportunities that I should have done before the commitment and responsibilities of wife and mother came along. In my 20’s, I was soooooooooooooooo focused on running behind a man and wishing, hoping, praying that he would make me his wife and we would ride off on our white horse and live happily ever after. Umph! If I could go back in time and talk to the Katesha back then I would definitely knock some sense into her!

My Pastor often tells the singles in our church that these are “the best years of your life”. This is the season you should take to really “do you” and enjoy your freedom, especially if you do not have any children. Let me give you an example. My sister is 27 years old, no babies, never been married, no boyfriend at this time. Sure she desires to get married and to have kids one day, but right now she’s more focused on bettering herself and dedicating her life to Kingdom business. She has her undergraduate degree, working on a graduate certificate program and recently purchased a hot and sassy Mercedes CLK 350. (Not tooting her horn, but TOOT TOOT!!!) I will not put all her business out there yet, as she’ll share her testimony as a guest blogger at a later date, but I just wanted to share a small piece of her single life. Not that I have anything to do with it (lol) but I admire and am so proud of the woman that she has become. We are a lot alike, yet different at the same time. My goals and aspirations were all in the wrong areas at that age and I thank God that she has gone in the opposite direction, not to make the same mistakes as her big sister. She has already and will have accomplished so much by the time the Lord blesses her to put “Mrs.” in front of her name.

I guess that is what stands out most to me about my sister and what I want to encourage each single lady reading this post with today. Optimize your time now before moving into the next season of life. Stop focusing on where you believe that you should be at your current age (like me, I had a timeline of when I would get married, have a baby and where I would be in my career…smh) and start appreciating the place that God has you at right now. Don’t worry about what the next sister is doing, or when your time will come. I’m not saying that you can’t do this type of stuff after marriage and children; you can, just with different limitations. Your time is now! Have you been considering going back to school? DO IT! Want to travel? BOOK THAT TRIP! Picture yourself in that new fancy whip? BUY IT HONEY!!

Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your wants known to God. ~ Philippians 4:6 AMP

Did you read that? If you truly desire something, talk to God about it and if it is in His will for your life…guess what…you will have it. You all just don’t know how I wish I could turn back the hands of time and some of the things I would change so that I would be a better me today. I don’t want you to have that same regret.  Enjoy your singleness, it’s only temporary and God has a reason why He has not allowed you to be found by your ‘Adam’ yet. Focus on Jesus first, strengthen your relationship with Him and thru Him be the best you that you can be during this season. So stopping putting things off and go for them NOW!! The possibilities are endless girlfriends!!!

Now to Him Who, by (in consequence of) the [action of His] power that is at work within us, is able to [carry out His purpose and] do superabundantly, far over and above all that we [dare] ask or think [infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, hopes, or dreams] ~ Ephesians 3:20 AMP

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Moving Forward

I HATE moving and every aspect of it!!! The packing, sorting thru all the various clothes, papers and miscellaneous items you accumulate over the years. Oh and don’t get me started on the actual physical labor! Chile my body was weary and I am still recovering LOL!!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, my family and I recently relocated. After thinking long and hard, after many prayers, my husband and I felt it was best to swallow our pride and ask my mom if we could move in with her for a while to save money to purchase our first home. Yes I know, I was completely against it at first as well. I mean this is a MAJOR adjustment for everyone. We are used to our own space to do whatever, whenever we want to (if you get my drift ;-)). I vowed when I moved out of her house after my wedding day that was my final farewell as a resident. (Funny how God will prove me wrong every time lol) I walked away then as a new bride and I’m now coming back not only a wife but a mother. How am I going to be able to handle my duties as a mother and wife, all while living under my mother’s roof?  You all really just don’t know how much I struggled with this decision. But nonetheless this move would really help us, as well as my mom, in so many ways!

The other day I was talking with a friend of mine who is going through a difficult time and was sharing my testimony with her. I was explaining all that my husband and I had been through in 2014 and where God has placed us now. As I was talking to her, Israel Houghton’s song Moving Forward (one of my favorites) came on my Pandora and I immediately starting giving God the glory for all that He has done for me and my family. (I had to close my office door just in case I was hit with an ugly cry lol). Yes I know my own story, but while ministering to my friend God revealed just how blessed my family is. I can’t even begin to tell you the hell that my husband and I have been through, but God!!!

13 Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, 14 I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. ~Philippians 3:13-14

Although some may look at this move as somewhat of a setback, I’m looking at it as a set up for all that the Lord has in store for the next chapter of our story. So just as we had to get rid of old clothes, dispose of unnecessary paper and items in the apartment to prepare for our move, the Lord had to do the same in our lives in order to fully prepare us for the next phase. Do I want to go through all of that stuff again? Not at all. However I thank God that He chose me and my husband to go through those experiences just so that we can be used as vessels to share our story and encourage someone else that they too are going to make it.

So I’m ready to let it all go. I’m ready to forget those things that are behind me and focus on that which is to come. I’m moving, moving forward….

sig KT

I Got the Blues…Part II

Girlfriends…I made it through the tour without crying, BUT almost had a small emotional outburst LOL! However I was a “big girl” and swallowed it back down. I did not want to embarrass my husband, nor myself. Even though I think the program director saw it all over my face and is used to those types of reactions from new preschool/daycare moms. This is a huge step! It seems like just yesterday she was 2 weeks old and we were bringing her home from the hospital. (That’s another story that I will share with you all at a later date).

So on to the story about the actual tour. Overall I was very impressed by the school, their curriculum and staff. I will withhold from sharing the name of the school for now. Upon our arrival, the director was at the door with a huge smile on her face waiting to greet us (Love that!) Instantly she made me and baby girl feel comfortable. My pooh was a little intimidated at first and literally hugged my leg the first 15 minutes of the tour. LOL! Once we started touring the classrooms she started to open up a bit and showed interest in the toys and various activities going on. It wasn’t until we visited with her potential class on the playground that my almost outburst occurred. While hubby and I were talking to the director I noticed she slowly inched away from us and closer to the other kids. Before we knew it she was in the midst of the kids, engaging in their block activity, without looking back at mommy and daddy. Okay I’m getting emotional again!!! No but like seriously 🙁

We left her on the playground for a little while to go over some paperwork. When we returned to let her know it was time to go, she looked as though she was right at home and wasn’t ready to leave her new found friends. She actually had a fit when Daddy picked her up so we could go. This is the reassurance I needed (well we both needed) to see that she is indeed ready to start school. I just don’t know if Mommy (nor her Nana, another post for another day lol) is truly ready for this. I want her to grow up, but then again I want her to always be my sweet baby girl. What am I going to do when its her actual first day….then her first day of kindergarten…first day of high school…prom….graduation…..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I need your prayers PLEASE!!!!! I guess I just have to suck it up and realize she’s growing up and know that she will always be my baby girl. I (we) will get thru this!!!

Don’t worry, there will be a Part III coming soon after her first day, or maybe first week. Stay tuned girlfriends!!!

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I Got the Blues…Preschool Edition

Okay so I’m feeling some type of way. I just scheduled my baby’s first preschool tour and I’m trying not to cry!!!! So I guess you’re wondering if I’m a stay at home mom, I wish!! I have been blessed enough to have my mom care for my daughter since she was 7 weeks old. Well my baby will be 3 in April and it’s about time that she branch out from Nana’s care and start on her journey as a big girl in school. (Anyone have any tissue??) 🙁

I’m super nervous. I have so many questions…how will she adjust? Will she cry the whole day? Are they going to feed my baby properly? Will she make friends? Will she get sick her first week? Okay take a chill pill Katesha!!! (Breathe in, breathe out…woooo saaaaaaaaa) You all will have to bear with me; this is all new to me!!!!

How do I go about not being the over bearing, over protective mom? I do not want to be the mom that is always popping up at school checking on her baby! Just so that you can get a feel of where I’m coming from, she’s almost 3 and if she naps too long I still check to make sure she’s breathing LOL!

So I want to pose a question? How have you all dealt with your child’s first day of school? I’m open for any and all suggestions.

Now go easy on me girlfriends, you know I’m emotional! 😀

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