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The Balancing Act

TGIF girlfriends!! So here we are ladies, rounding out the first month of the new year! So how did you do? Are you still knocking out those 2017 goals and resolutions? – losing weight, healthy lifestyle, working out, water challenge, journal challenge, prayer challenge, etc… I was trying to name the more “popular” goals/resolutions that we tend to make each year LOL. Well let me just tell you (about me) – I haven’t given up and don’t plan to give up either on some of them BUT I’m finding, trying to organize my life along with incorporating my new goals has become quite the balancing act! I’ve succeeded in a few areas and did a good week’s worth of effort in the others. I’m still motivated and inspired to complete all of my goals, its just taking me a lil bit to get organized and to prioritize properly. (Y’all know how my life is setup… and just in case you forgot LOL – wife, mom of 4, EPing, 8a-5p, blogger, ministry worker, wedding planner… IJS) So this is my inspiring moment, for all my girlfriends that are ready to throw in the towel or have already thrown it away, to get back into the game/race and let’s complete this journey together! Its been said that it only takes 21 days to create/form a habit, so lets kick it in to ACTION! Put your phones, tablets/iPads, and planners to use and physically schedule time to do each goal you wish plan to pursue. This does include daily prayer time to take your goals to the Lord and pour out your desires unto Him. What’s the quotes?

If you Fail to plan, you Plan to fail – Benjamin Franklin

A Goal withOUT a Plan is just a wish – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

and the Word says:

Commit your works to the Lord [submit and trust them to Him], and your plans will succeed [if you respond to His will and guidance]. ~ Proverbs 16:3 (AMP)

We can do this ladies! The year has just begun. Don’t dwell on the past 27 days and start conquering your masterplan with the 338 days remaining!! Don’t let 2017 be your year of shoulda, coulda, woulda, but let this be your complete and perfect year!

Have a blessed weekend ladies!

Joy for Your Day,

…what is my MOTIVATION?

Oh I still love the old Sprite commercial where the guy interrupts and asks, “excuse me, excuse me, what is my motivation?”

Motivation (by definition) is the general desire or willingness of someone to do something.

So now you may ask, well what is my motivation/desire/willingness? Well personally I think it is important to focus on 2-3 main goals (which can be broad but attainable-mine are ;D) at a time. They currently are 1. to be better and 2. to lose weight. To be better??? Yes I know it’s broad (I told you it would be), but I want to be better: As a believer, spending more quality time with God and not just stopping for a five minute break to say oh yeah God, this is our moment of the day, thanks & bye! I want (and need) to have daily praise & worship as well as dig deeper into the Word. To be better as a wife, making sure that I am encouraging and lifting up the hubs daily. Reminding him of the love I have for him and serving as his helpmate. And to be better as a mother, learning how to turn off the noise and sit and talk-conversate with my boys. I do not want to be that disconnected parent because I have not taken the time to get to know them individually on their level. So #2 is pretty self-explanatory, to lose weight. It is time for me to be selfish and love myself wholeheartedly. In the past I have been that special occasions, every once in a while type of woman who will make time for myself to get pampered or buy a pair of shoes. My actions were purely devoted to the fact that I believed the money for those things had “better use” for our family. But I am now coming around to learning and knowing that I am just as important as the other 4 members of my family. They represent me and I represent them! For that purpose alone I know I need to make some changes-beginning with my weight. It is time for me to focus more on my eating habits and start moving!! I want my hubs and boys to be proud of the woman they see and not be ashamed or embarrassed for me to show up at their job or school. This is all a process that starts with me loving me and taking care of me. I must approach each day with a positive attitude and do something that is beneficial to reaching my goals. I must take care of the temple God has given me so that it can remain useful to the Kingdom, my family, my girlfriends, and my clients!

Tell me, what is your motivation? Who or what are your motivators?

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